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A partnership committed
to your success

Maximizing your value through every project lifecycle is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. You need a partner who understands your business needs and helps optimize your operational and financial performance. Makes it easy to drive value. And sets you on the path for success today and tomorrow.

GE is that partner that’s easy to work with. Our Professional Services provide the competitive edge you need. You can tap into our deep domain expertise, technical know-how, and innovation to maximize the value of your GE technology investment. We’re committed to accelerating your value, and your success is what matters to us.

Built on a proven result
and best practices

Backed by our proven Global Implementation Methodology, our services approach is powered by an Industrial Internet engine, delivering rock-solid results every time. We know, because we use these services in our own GE businesses every day across many different industries. Thus, our own success as a company is tied to the value of these unique services offerings.

For you, this means the ability to:

  • Leverage the latest learnings built into our services offerings, capturing best practices and R&D from across GE
  • Gain the benefits of continual improvements as our services offerings become productized
  • Rely on robust offerings that help maximize value and minimize risk for the short- and long-term

Decrease time to value with fast, high-quality implementation


Minimize project variability, risk and costs


Reduce system architecture complexity


Lower total cost of ownership


Increase solution flexibility


Design in scale for the future

“The majority of our longest-standing customers use GE Professional Services.”

Modular and designed to fit your needs

You can choose the services that match your specific needs. Our offerings are comprehensive yet modular and flexible. So whether you need end-to-end services, solely advisory services, or something in-between, it’s up to you.

What’s more, you can tap into the collective expertise of our engineers, solution architects, consultants, domain experts, and third-party partners to seamlessly integrate, deploy and maintain our advanced technology solutions in your business environment.


  • Standardized Industrial-Internet solutions based on proven methodologies and best practices
  • Open web technology standards and focus on interoperability
  • Technical expertise of propriety solutions, third-party applications and integration requirements
  • Strong philosophy, deep technical and product expertise, and close collaboration between our technical and services communities

Breadth of offerings

  • Proficy Project Services
  • MES Business Consultant
  • Consulting Engagement Manager
  • Onsite Operational Discovery (OOD)
  • Proficy Training: Standard and tailored courses
  • Proficy Healthcheck
  • Proficy Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Demand Services


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Head on over to our support pages, where you’ll find key contacts, how to obtain documentation, information on warranty and repairs, contract samples, details of our Product Lifecycle Management and Configuration Management programs – and much more.