PACSystems* RX3i Genius* Communications Gateway

Bring Ethernet Connectivity to your Existing Genius System.

PACSystems RX3i Genius Communications Gateway

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As Genius I/O reaches the end of its lifecycle, GE can help migrate your Genius-based system to an Ethernet-based control system. The RX3i Communications Gateway brings your system into the age of the Industrial Internet while improving your connectivity, performance, and profitability.

Minimize downtime, maximize connectivity

With the RX3i Genius Communications Gateway, you can modernize your existing Genius system without re-wiring your I/O. Migrate your system to the advantages of Ethernet and PROFINET connectivity with minimum disruption to your operations. PROFINET offers quick, easy, and cost-effective connection to all levels of industrial systems and makes it easy to mix and match I/O and incorporate third-party products.

Unlock the value of machine data

By replacing proprietary cabling with Ethernet, valuable data is no longer locked inside your machine. Gather, view, and analyze machine data with Historian, SCADA, and other software solutions and easily connect to other systems to improve decision making and increase productivity.


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