Generator Health Monitoring (GHM)

Integrated Solution for the Prevention of Main Generator Failure

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GE’s Generator Health Monitoring is the preferred solution for reliable and cost-effective trending of the generator condition. With a single Care Box*, you can monitor in real time any of the main generator’s anomalies.

  • The partial discharge module continuously monitors the partial discharges within the stator winding and bus duct.
  • The Rotor flux module tracks rotor winding inter-turn short circuits and identifies the magnitude and slot location of the fault.
  • The Rotor shaft voltage module detects failures in the rotor winding insulation, shaft grounding system and excitation issues.
  • The End winding vibration module provides continuous monitoring of stator end winding vibration location and magnitude.
  • The Temperature module constantly monitors the generator temperatures in line with operating conditions, trending deviations from design values.





Key Benefits

  • Built on decades of experience
  • Integrated solution for the prevention of main generator failures
  • Modular & scalable hardware
  • Native OPC UA software architecture for system interoperability
  • State-of-the-art, web-based HMI for multi-user remote monitoring
  • Compatible with most sensors installed by third-party manufacturers