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GE recognizes the power of connecting machines and turning the mass of raw data they produce into actionable information. The Industrial Internet of connected machines is revolutionizing industry, and GE is leading the charge.

As one of the world’s largest OEMs, GE has the experience and vast installed base to harness the power of today’s technological transformation — elastic computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and the cloud — and put it to work for OEMs and their customers.

Today’s OEMs are being pressed to deliver higher levels of service to their customers without increasing cost. Most are looking to monitor their equipment and share asset information with their customers, but many lack the resources to do so. Equipment Insight makes data collection, analysis, and management simple and affordable.


Affordable, Simple Integration

GE’s Equipment Insight solution is hosted on a private server and offered as a subscription-based service. This reduces initial investment costs and allows for quick ROI as new, revenue-generating services offset monthly fees.
Setup of GE’s Equipment Insight solution is fast and easy, with little or no impact on customer IT functions. An equipment data model makes configuring multiple machines simple—a single data model can apply to a fleet of the same equipment.
Getting Equipment Insight up and running quickly means faster time to value, lower risk, and lower implementation costs.

Equipment Insight is a universal solution, so OEMs can improve their service offerings, regardless of the control system or intelligent devices used on customer equipment. When layered on top of GE controllers, the architecture is further simplified, reducing automation investment, improving system performance, and delivering low total cost of ownership.




VIDEO CASE STUDY: Tecogen & Equipment Insight  

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of usable heat and electricity. Tecogen's team uses GE's Equipment Insight solution to monitor and manage over 150 data points coming off of each of their CHP systems. The enhanced remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities provided by Equipment Insight simplify trouble shooting and maintenance to help both Tecogen and their customers reduce costs.







Improve Visibility and Asset Performance

GE’s Equipment Insight solution benefits both OEMs and their end users. It enables OEMs to securely collect and analyze fleet data, and then get information to people in their own organization and to end users
who have purchased their equipment. With the Equipment Insight solution, OEMs can better understand how customers use their machines, while helping end users optimize asset performance, processes and profitability.
The Equipment Insight solution quickly and cost-effectively transforms raw data into actionable information. It aligns the state of the customer asset with its health. Dashboards allow for an at-a-glance view of alerts, overall equipment effectiveness, and key performance indicators, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Increase Profitability and Save Costs

With the Equipment Insight solution, OEMs can create new revenue-generating services models such as data monitoring services and preventative maintenance contracts. In addition to increasing profitability, Equipment Insight’s increased visibility into an OEM’s fleet of assets allows OEMs to monitor equipment and reduce compliance costs and warranty risks on performance guarantee contracts. They can also improve their services capacity utilization and decrease their time to serve by leveraging information from alerts and cases, allowing them to optimally provide services as needed.

Enhance Customer Experience

The Equipment Insight solution helps OEMs quickly address customer issues by delivering the right information to the right person, wherever they are, on any device. Services capacity utilization and time-to- repair are improved as critical information is delivered to service people based on their proximity to customer assets. Using the case management feature, OEMs can keep track of an issue’s data, analysis, documentation, pictures, and communication with their end user all organized in one location.
OEMs benefit from better, more efficient service operations while end users get fast, effective resolution of process issues.



Field Agent Technology

At the heart of GE's Equipment Insight Solution is the GE Field Agent. Field Agent technology creates the critical link required in an IIoT chain for cloud-enabled analytics. Field Agents provide a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine. 

A range of form factors, communication protocols, tag capacity and connectivity options makes Field Agent a great choice for almost any application, even across disparate systems. Field Agent technology enables customers, even those using third party controls, to connect to and utilize GE’s Predix* Platform to easily collect and analyze industrial data to uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance.