COM Express

Durable with components specifically selected for reliability in demanding conditions.
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GE’s rugged COM Express modules offer the ultimate in durability with a range of performance-per-watt levels. They are well-suited for OEMs designing computing platforms into equipment for industrial or harsh environments, and when reducing the overall design cycle and lowering validation costs are of key importance. Onboard components are specifically selected for their reliability in demanding conditions. Unlike solutions designed for benign environments, our processor and memory are soldered to the board for maximum resistance to shock and vibration. Extended mechanical construction protects the module, which is designed for optional conformal coating for even greater resistance to moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

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Selector Guide
Mid-level performance Applications with mid-level performance and low-power consumption requirements High-performance Applications with multiple graphic functions that require high performance Mid to High-performance

Applications with mid to high-level performance needs
Applications or upgrades with mid-level performance and high graphics requirements
- - coupled with high graphics performance
AMD RSOC dual and Quad Core at 3.3 and 2.2 GHz
VIA Eden or Nano processor Intel® Core™ i7 processor •   4x x86 cores @ 3.6 GHz (max) /
2.7 GHz (base)
•   8x GPUs @ 686 MHz (max) / 600 MHz (base)
AMD Embedded G-Series SOC
1-2 Cores/800 MHz 1.3 GHz Up to 8GB DDR3, 2-4 Cores/1.7 GHz 2.5 GHz Up to 8GB DDR3, •   2x x86 cores @ 3.0 GHz (max) /
2.2 GHz (base)
•   3x GPUs @ 533 MHz (max) / 464 MHz (base)
Up to 16GB DDR3,
4 Core 1.5 GHz 2 Core 1 GHz Up to 4GB DDR3,
soldered, non-ECC soldered, ECC soldered, ECC soldered ECC

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