Boiler Feed Pumps

Improve overall availability and unit performance.

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Availability & Reliability

The turbine driven Boiler Feed Pumps have a critical impact on the overall availability of the unit, but also on the performance of the unit. GE’s solution for Boiler Feed Pumps provides functions such as automatic speed control, water pressure control, SIL 3 protection, and monitoring of both the turbine and the pump.

The Boiler Feed Pumps Control System can act as standalone equipment with its own single or redundant controller and a user friendly graphic interface to ease the operation and the maintenance, or it can be integrated into the main steam turbine control system to provide a performant integrated system for a reduced investment.






  • Long term protection of your investment with a wide range of services and the use of a platform controlled over the full production chain that offers an extended lifecycle thanks to incremental evolutions
  • Reliable and safe
  • Helps reduce unplanned outages and scheduled outage duration
  • User-friendly human machine interface for operation and maintenance
  • Mimic designed as a Decision Support Instrument with priorities ranking
  • Optimize unit responsiveness and thermal efficiency
  • Operational flexibility improvement
  • Unit performance improvement with fuel consumption reduction
  • Helps monitor and reduce the component stress and lifetime impact caused by flexible generation
  • Provides access to secured remote data analysis and improvement applications powered by GE’s Predix platform
  • Specific regulation and grid codes compliance