Oil & Gas Companies Prevent Surprise Downtime Using Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

by Jeremiah Stone

Not too long ago, diagnosing a problem with a critical asset was a cumbersome process for the automation industry. Outside of scheduled maintenance – which was at best a decent estimate of when maintenance should actually occur – operators generally were only able to diagnose and resolve problems after there had been a failure. The amount of time spent resolving the failure depended on exploratory disassembly, parts availability, as well as the expertise of the maintenance personnel onsite. The Oil and Gas (O&G) industry where downtime carries a hefty price tag, the guess-and-check repair approach and potential for backordered parts, could quickly spell additional risk to the asset as well as millions in lost productivity.

The Industrial Internet is making the diagnostic process much more straightforward and manageable, particularly with the advent of powerful Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic (RM&D) capabilities. With RM&D, assets can be monitored around the clock from a central location, partnering powerful software solutions with predictive capabilities with analytics experts trained to convert small anomalies in industrial data into actionable early warnings of potential failure. Instead of waiting for problems to occur and then scrambling to find solutions, RM&D service providers now can flag problems before they become failures, saving time and money.