GE Introduces Latest Barracuda-Series DC-DC Converters, Provides Highest Power Density Available Today

GE's Barracuda-Series 1,000-Watt DC-DC Bus Converter
  • New 1,000-Watt, Quarter-Brick QBVE094A0S10R7 Bus Converters Offer 20 Percent More Power than Industry-Standard 800-Watt Solution
  • Modules can be Configured in Parallel to Provide Power Required in Applications such as Software-Defined Network

DALLAS — March 16, 2016 — Continuing its efforts to help board designers get the most out of their usable space and to design in the negative space, GE’s Critical Power business (NYSE: GE) has launched its Barracuda-seriesTM QBVE094A0S10R7 1,000-watt (W) DC-DC bus converters, providing the highest power density and lowest cost-per-rated-watt in a quarter-brick solution available on the market today. The new modules offer 20 percent more power than standard 800-W solutions.

The high-power QBVE094A0S10R7 DC-DC converters feature an operating input voltage range of 45-56 volts DC and provide up to 1,000-W output power at output voltages of 10.7 volts. When used in parallel configurations, the QBVE094A0S10R7 converters can deliver 1,800-W output power with two modules or 2,700-W power with three units. This is particularly useful in high-end networking and software-defined network applications where one switch is expected to serve many configurable functions.

“In almost any electrical application, achieving more power in less space is a major design challenge. Take large, hyper-scale data centers for example,” said Karim Wassef, general manager — embedded power product line, GE’s Critical Power business. “In these facilities, device and rack-level densities are critical to optimizing operation. Our high-power, Barracuda-series QBVE094A0S10R7 DC-DC converters provide a power density and configuration flexibility that enables board engineers to design in the negative space.”

GE’s high-power, PMBus-equipped Barracuda-series DC-DC converters can support 10.7-volt intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are subsequently generated using point-of-load modules. Its load-share feature includes a Power-Good/over-temperature warning signal to report any single module problems, as the problems can hinder the unit’s ability to support the total load when utilized in parallel configurations. The converters are well-suited for applications such as distributed power architectures, servers and storage applications, fan assemblies and systems that require a tightly regulated output voltage. The QBVE094A0S10R7 bus converters feature over-current, -voltage and –temperature protection and offer a wide operation temperature range of -20 C to 85 C.

GE’s Barracuda-series QBVE094A0S10R7 1,000-W DC-DC converters are now available for sampling. For more information, please visit

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