Metro Rail

GE’s control solutions for metro rail utilize a portfolio of network-integrated, outcome optimizing controllers and switches that can dynamically improve processes by augmenting real-time deterministic control with data from external feedback loops.

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Outcome Optimizing Control
for Metro Rail Systems

Metro systems throughout the world are showing their age. Outdated infrastructure is causing disruptions and delays, and in many cases, safety risks to the commuters it serves. Populations are growing but the workforce is shrinking, adding further pressure. When systems cannot keep up, there is real potential to adversely impact local businesses and by extension, the regional economy.

GE knows the challenges facing metro operations, and has developed integrated control solutions that provide a comprehensive view and intuitive control of the many disparate systems that make up a metro network. GE's Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) makes it possible to actively monitor and dynamically regulate processes throughout a system, reducing strain on operators and improving overall system reliability.

Improve Processes
with Edge Analytics

Lower operational costs while improving overall performance and reliability. With GE's Industrial Internet Control System (IICS), it is easier to find the right mix of interfaces, I/O, and outcome-optimizing controllers to meet production needs, while securely optimizing metro control systems.

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control system for metro

Rio Metro relies on GE

GE control and supervisory systems provide Metro Rio with high availability and security. A fully integrated system greatly simplifies electrical protocols for signs, energy, and interlocution for seamless communications and connectivity between operations center and individual stations. Now 400,000 “cariocas” of Barra, Rio de Janeiro are benefiting from the resulting the mobility, comfort and safety.



Outcome Optimizing Control
for Metro Rail

Dynamically adjust to changing business objectives

Using Outcome optimizing control, and analytics based in either Predix or Python & Linux, IICS allows processes such as optimization applications to be based directly next to the machine, at the Edge of industrial processes. Further, CIMPLICITY’s fully compatible HMI software allows for intuitive visualization and further analysis of the resulting data, to provide a broad vantage point over plant operations from anywhere with web access.

Augmenting real-time deterministic control with Edge analytic capability makes it possible to achieve flexible and intelligent, highly-available systems to help ensure maximum uptime and an overall improved total cost of ownership, all while optimizing business processes and outcomes through

  • Secure data acquisition 
  • Data analysis at the machine
  • Process or asset optimization
  • Improved responsiveness to performance trends




Outcome Optimizing Control

Adapt processes in real time


The most valuable natural resource for any business is data. Outcome optimizing control (OOC) allows operators to obtain dynamic, actionable intelligence through continuous data-driven feedback to optimize processes, help actualize desired profitability, and transform operations.

Augmenting real-time deterministic control with edge analytic capability makes it possible to achieve a flexible and intelligent, highly-available system that helps ensure maximum uptime and an overall improved total cost of ownership, all while optimizing business processes and outcomes.

Industrial Internet Connectivity

Improve visibility into operations

Operating a metro efficiently is a complex, multi-faceted operation, requiring the orchestration of many different components operating over large distances. To develop system-wide analysis and optimisation strategies, a revolutionary approach is required, one where operators can leverage innovative technology to combine multiple, extremely large data sets to produce concise, actionable insights into performance and the best ways to optimise it. GE’s Industrial Internet Control Systems les operators merge multiple local data streams into a comprehensive model, harnessing the powerful processing capabilities of edge-to-cloud computing to analyze data for hidden anomalies, fault detection, and outcome optimizing control to rapidly respond to issues by adjusting control strategies.

Real-time Automated Feedback

Improve performance and availability

Traditionally, industrial control systems operate within a closed loop, gathering data, performing analysis, and managing controllers with limited support for interconnectivity throughout disparate processes. Also, processor limitations such as speed and lack of partitioning have made it difficult to create sophisticated, data-driven models and perform process optimization in real-time, unnecessarily complicating analytical processes.

GE’s control solutions for the Industrial Edge have overcome these limitations with a portfolio of network-integrated, outcome optimizing controllers and switches that can be accessed from anywhere and programmed to dynamically improve process operations based on both internal and external data feedback loops.