Frost & Sullivan: “Global Edge Controls e Analytics”

GE Automation and Controls received 2018 Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan: Global Edge Controls and Analytics – Company of the Year.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is altering the way companies generate, collect, and analyze data. Access to unprecedented amounts of data in real time and the ability to generate valuable insights to reduce performance variability are critical factors in manufacturing. Edge controls and analytics are poised to revolutionize the way companies will collect, ingest, and drive value-creation for their businesses.

Frost & Sullivan predicts edge computing to evolve and estimates 1.7 billion IIoT devices will be connected to edge solutions by 2020.

With GE’s Industrial Internet Control System that consists of outcome optimizing controllers, mix-and-match I/O modules, flexible connectivity options, and advanced analytics software and apps, customers can anticipate up to 7% increase in performance, 22% increase in productivity, and reduce maintenance by 40%.


With its recent release of the PACSystems RX3i CPx400 series, GE created a new industry standard for outcome optimizing controls—the first of its kind. Until now, traditional control systems faced limited controller data, antiquated programming languages, and restricted to single machine/single plant view. GE’s PACSystems RX3i CPx400 series moves beyond the traditional control systems as the industry’s first outcome optimizing controllers with dual redundancy capabilities. The controller sets itself apart with its robust processing capability and its ability to improve business outcomes by being able to perform maintenance and application updates while the application is running online/inline. Coupled with edge technology, the controller augments real-time deterministic control and provides near-real-time advice through strategic computation.

The controller specifications include a sizeable working memory to accommodate large programs, extensive data storage (64 MB) for user programs, and a quad-core high-speed microprocessor (with Type 1 hypervisor that not only runs applications faster but also allows Predix machine or the connectivity solution of choice to run simultaneously in a safe and cooperative manner without impacting the real time deterministic controls. It also supports PROFINET with input/output update rates as fast as 8 milliseconds for up to 32 devices. The CPx400 series Ethernet interface rates can also reach up to 1 gigabit per second. This series facilitates rapid, reliable data interchange that today’s industrial businesses need.

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