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GTC15: They Keep Coming Back

A real mark of the interest we’re seeing in what we’re showing here on the GE booth at GTC is the number of return visitors we saw on the second day. They came and had a look around on the first day, and I’m guessing we piqued their imagination—perhaps over a beer in the bar that evening—and they came back to find out more. What we discovered is that, in many cases, they’ve been working on stuff in the benign environment of the lab, putting...


Moon Lander

GTC15: Get the Buzz

For me, the first day of NVIDIA’s GTC was great in many ways—not least of which was the amount of interest shown in what we’re doing with rugged implementations of NVIDIA’s technology by a whole range of industries. Almost without exception, they could see what we’re trying to do: make incredible amounts of processing power deployable into the smallest, harshest spaces. Those could be in mining or energy exploration or transportation or heavy...


GTC15: Bangs and Deep Learning

The GPU Technology Conference has begun with a BANG—a "Big Bang," as NVIDIA's cofounder Jen-Hsun Huang told a packed audience at the opening day keynote. And this year's theme is all about using NVIDIA's GPU silicon for what they call "deep learning"—something I knew very little about until today. It turns out that deep learning is pretty cool and is all about teaching computers to see and think, enabling everything from image recognition (think...


Data and Analytics

Why: A Vital Variable in the Insight Equation

Data + analytics + visualization = insight. And insight yields outcomes, right? Possibly, but achieving the desired outcome becomes much shakier without understanding why the data’s being reviewed. Without a why, the timeless ready-fire-aim problem arises. Now, don’t get me wrong; on more than one occasion I’ve waded chest-deep into a data set hoping to find something useful and sometimes have. In most cases though, I find: Focus on the critical...


Who's Watching Out for the Machines?

It seems every day now we need to watch our backs for an invisible threat. This threat lurks within just about every part of our lives today. It seeks to steal our personal dossier for the purposes of robbing us. It seeks to move digital currency from our pockets to theirs. Or in the case of state(less) sponsored characters, it seeks to disrupt and destroy. It is pervasive and unrelenting. We pay attention to this now because it’s personal. We...


Rugged Managed Etherned Switch

Next Step for Ethernet Switch Design

Ethernet switches, like most computing devices, are getting smarter. A few years ago, they were dumb, “plug-n-play” sort of things—they had a small number of interfaces and they performed a simple role. They would receive a packet of data, look at the Ethernet address, and send the packet out on one or more of the other interfaces. They could learn the source address from a received packet, and use that knowledge to decide where to send a future...


Embedded World 2015 | Day 2

Embedded World Continues, with Friendly Faces and Frighteningly Smart Robots

It was a VERY busy day for the GE folks at Embedded World. We had a full day of meetings with customers and partners today. At times I was triple-booked and I wish to apologize to all those who had to wait for me to finish up with other meetings. Today was a great "people" day for me. I met some old friends, some of whom I had not seen in many years. I was excited to meet a sales representative we recently hired who is already injecting new...



Beyond the Horizon: Intel's #IoT Strategy

One of the greatest things about events like Embedded World is the facetime with my Intel friends—like at their IoT Alliance Connections event earlier this week, here in Nuremberg. As you can imagine, Intel is poised to do very well as the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet continues to build momentum. While the folks at Intel have admitted that there is very little Intel silicon in the estimated 50B devices in the Internet of Things,...


Embedded World

The Big Buzz at Embedded World This Year

Today was day one of Embedded World and I navigated the incredibly efficient train service from my hotel to the Nuremberg convention center. Our team had done a superb job pulling together our booth—it looked great. Best of all, they had a complete kitchen with hot coffee, sandwiches and cookies! Great start. Visitors to the booth got to see how we are making the Industrial Internet real with products ranging from embedded boards, industrial PCs...


Emergency Physician

Is House a Business Development Guy in Disguise?

Last year, I made my first contribution to this blog. It was on the matter of business development and sought to define what it is "BD" people do. In that intervening year, I have been taking "Great Courses." One of these was "Grand Rounds." In this course, the lecturer—a physician— went through the process by which a doctor diagnoses problems in patients. It struck me immediately that this problem-solving process is very similar to the BD...


Embedded World 2015 Preview: It's Getting Real

Hello from Nuremberg! This will be an exciting week for those of us in the embedded computing industry, as the Embedded World exhibition and conference begins tomorrow. With an expected 30,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors from over 35 countries, Embedded World represents the largest event on the embedded computing calendar. This year, GE will demonstrate how embedded technology (both hardware and software) is enabling the devices at the very...


Business Conversation

Have You Ever Had Lunch with a Regulatory Cheerleader?

When was the last time you picked up the phone and invited a regulatory or insurance person to lunch? If the answer is no, you might be forgetting about your best cheerleader. Technology-enabled tracking is playing a role in everything we do in our daily lives; we’re even tracking our fitness. Look around: How many fitness devices do you see tracking how many steps we take, how well we’re sleeping, and even how we’re doing in our quest for...


Airline Touch Screens

The Sky’s the Limit When It Comes to Multi-touch

On a recent business trip, I watched a movie on the outbound flight. I was impressed at the crispness and clarity of the little movie screen, and how quick and responsive it was as I flipped through the selection menus. After a long week of sales calls and meetings, I decided to treat myself to another movie on the return trip home. As I settled into my seat for the four-hour flight, I was quickly disappointed. The screens on this particular...


Predator sequence

Going Far Beyond Graphics: See You at the GPU Event of the Year

It’s less than a month now until NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) opens its doors, and the excitement is mounting. For us at GE, GTC is a “must-attend” event because everyone who’s anyone in the world of GPU technology will be there. We work every day on building the Industrial Internet and Connected Battlefield one network-connected machine at a time. Advances in compute technologies are paving the way for smarter, more power-efficient...


5 for 2015

5 for 2015

Happy 2015 everyone! It’s nice to have gotten through 2014 still alive and intact. The last 12 months of life under sequestration were supposed to have seen the defense industry rocked, the U.S. military rendered toothless and our enemies emboldened. There have been some real challenges, to be sure, but it hasn’t felt as bad as all that. Due to smart moves made in anticipation of this downturn, the Tier 1 prime contractors have actually...