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Alarm Notification

Too Many Alarms? It's Time for SuperSCADA!

What’s the biggest challenge our customers face on the plant floor? Ding ding ding—that’s right, managing alarms. Last week, we held a webinar for customers on how to increase operator productivity. We polled the audience about their greatest challenges. Here was the list of possible responses: Too many alarms Not enough operators / budget Errors during manual processes High turnover of workers / lack of skills Complexity of processes Regulatory...


Signal Processing

What's Next for Signal Processing? Part 1

The other day, I was swapping emails with one of my colleagues on a variety of subjects. After a small foray into a discussion of 1980s British sitcoms, he asked me: “So—what are future signal processing systems going to look like?” Aside from the apparent strangeness of the juxtaposition of the subjects (not quite so odd, really, but not relevant here; I’ll explain if you care to ask), when I thought about it, it is an interesting question—...


Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RM&D) as a Service

If you’re an OEM, driving better and faster value for your customers is key. Steve Pavlosky discusses how remote monitoring and diagnostics as a service is a great way to quickly drive value—from data collection and analytics to equipment intelligence. Learn why you can be confident in the solution as it helps get you up and running immediately to improve business practices in record time. Watch the video to learn more.


Consumer Goods Manufacturers Are on a Journey That's About to Take Off

The Alliance for Innovation and Operational Excellence (AIOE) strives to bring the collaborative mentality of the industry together in food and beverage and in consumer products manufacturing. The group works to solve common, nonproprietary operational challenges in the manufacturing environment. Hear co-managing director Steve Schlegel's perspective on the value of the Industrial Internet and Big Data, and how analytics and predictive...


Apache Helicopter

Army Aviation Needs to Own Its Mission Capability Future

Judging by what I heard and saw last week at the Army Aviation Association of America Mission Solutions Summit (Quad-A) in Nashville, one thing was foremost in the Army Aviation community’s mind, and that was the budget. Budget cuts and sequestration impacts are well into the double digits, and the R&D budget decline is twice the rate of these cuts according to the Honorable Heidi Shyu, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition,...


Biometric Cloud Security

Ditch the Passwords: Biometrics Are the Way Forward

Last week my British Airways frequent flyer account was hacked . My account was locked, and I was told to change my password, and like many of you, I maintain multiple passwords but I do not create unique ones every time so I need to change a few different website credentials. What used to take an hour or so to change my personal passwords now takes multiple hours due to mobile devices. This is because passwords are saved in many cases at the...


AUSA Global Force Day 3: The Show’s a Hit

Short day today—the show is only open for three hours. I was thinking that, with only one appointment left, I would get an opportunity to walk the show. Boy, was I wrong. Our first appointment showed up and that took an hour and a half. Great meeting, though. A couple other walk-ons and—wow, now it’s 30 minutes left and folks are breaking down their booths already (I hate that—it’s so rude. Shouldn't the ref throw them a yellow card?). We waited...


Defining the Industrial Internet for Manufacturers

Manufacturers have to understand that the Industrial Internet is real. According to Edward Youdell, manufacturers need to be open to how it's going to affect their operations and gain a common understanding. Hear why he believes as a first step, the Industrial Internet needs to become more defined for manufacturers. Watch the video to learn more.


AUSA Global Force

AUSA Global Force Day 2: Tired, but Pumped

OK folks: another long day. Got to the booth two hours before the show opened, hoping for the quiet time I needed to write up notes from the day before. Wow! I need to work on my penmanship because it looks like I wrote "Pyldhr vih cl wyr in May." I guess it’s possible that I was just musing on some Welsh phrase I learned from my time there, but I doubt it. (Any Welsh speakers want to weigh in here?) Anyway, I got most of the way through my...


3-star Lieutenant Patricia McQuistion

AUSA Global Force Day 1: Larry and John Meet the High-ups

Off to a running start. I can't believe this is the "small" Army show. The traffic has been great, and it's a good thing I’m writing this rather than dictating it because I'm a bit hoarse from talking to folks. So far, we have had three program managers and a 3-star general stop by. (I’m pretty sure it’s because of my " More Is Less " post, but it might be because John Chehansky and I look like a cross between aging Hollywood stars and...


Information That's Consumable Anytime, Anywhere

Bernard Cubizolles shares his thoughts on brilliant machines, the Industrial Internet and why collaboration between people is fundamental. Learn how we’re taking consumer–world technologies and applying them at the plant level to make information accessible anytime, anywhere. As he puts it, “It’s about what information you consume and the added value behind the HMI/SCADA.” Don’t miss the related webinar, “Increasing Operator Productivity with...


AUSA Arrives: Can Someone Move These Camels?

The AUSA Global Force Symposium and Exposition is taking place in Huntsville, Alabama, March 31–April 2, and GE’s man-about-town, peripatetic business development guy and serial trade show attender is already there. Watch this space for continued coverage... Well, today is setup day. I got in here yesterday, actually, but as the circus was in town using our exhibit hall, I was unable to move the camels out of our booth space. (Readers familiar...


If You've Got Machines That Fail, RM&D May Be the Answer

If you’re considering remote monitoring and diagnostics but aren’t sure, we offer a consulting tool to help assess your business needs. Steve Pavlosky discusses the criteria used to determine what types of businesses can benefit most from collecting data off their machines to gain maximum value. Hear his insights into when it’s most beneficial to use machine data to improve service and reliability. Watch the video to learn more.


Armored Vehicle

More Is Less

More is less—and that’s an idea we're really on board with. That’s not to say more is worth less; more is still worth more. But, in fact, less is worth even more. Confused? Let me explain with a story (I always have a story…). I recall buying a new car costing $10,000. It was 1980, and that was a huge amount of money (at least to me) and way more than I had ever paid before, but the car was so cool, so modern and state-of-the-art. In looking...


The Foundation of the Industrial Internet

Customers often ask, “What is the base capability you need to realize the Industrial Internet?” According to Rich Carpenter, connectivity is a key element. By that he means connectivity to your equipment, the analytics, and the cloud. That’s why GE is delivering solutions for customers that provide connectivity while preserving legacy applications—enabling them to be augmented to leverage a rich set of analytics enabled by the Industrial...