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CANSEC 2015: In Maple Leaf Country

This week, we were in Ottawa at CANSEC , which is, without doubt, Canada’s premier defense trade show. For 2015, the organizers—the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) —were expecting to beat last year’s 11,000+ visitors, 120,000+ square feet of exhibition space and 300+ exhibitors. It’s a show that’s really grown over the years. Ongoing programs to build new ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and Coast Guard meant...



From the Flintstones to the Jetsons?

I’ve spent most of the past year traveling around the country talking to leaders in the military and the defense industry about the potential of predictive analytics to turn their machine data into actionable insight. We’ve seen the amazing things that visionary industrial companies in asset-intensive industries (like power generation, oil and gas, mining and manufacturing) have been able to do when they focus on getting real operational value...



IIoT: Defining Solutions for the "Same-old"

The results are in: Despite the industry's best efforts and deployment of legacy systems, the top two challenges faced by manufacturing organizations are still a lack of collaboration and disparate systems and data sources. Even in an era where everything seems to be changing and growing more connected, these challenges haven't budged. The IoT, the emerging solution that's central to any conversation about modern manufacturing operations, hovers as a lofty solution.


Take the HMI/SCADA Migration Path Toward Success

With a forward-looking vision, GE is committed to ensuring that our customers have an advantage as technology advances. Bernard Cubizolles discusses our commitment to provide HMI/SCADA customers with a migration path to add more value and to protect existing technology investments. Discover how we’re delivering the latest technologies at your fingertips. Watch the video to learn more.


Lunar Lander

GE Rugged and COTS: It's a Win-Win

I recently participated in an Open Systems Media e-cast entitled "Where is COTS technology today?" hosted by John McHale. If you missed it, you can check out the recording here . It touched on the questions we often hear from customers: Has COTS really delivered... Lower costs? Reduced deployment times? Simplified testing? Easier integration? Increases in innovation? Reliability and quality? And, perhaps most importantly: ...lower costs? There...



Of Screwdrivers and Lug Wrenches

Some of you will recall that I recently attended the AUSA Global Force Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama. Having had a great many meetings with Army and defense industry folks of all stripes gave me some new insight into the Army’s goals and challenges—and what I came away with caused me to ponder how we define and develop products. It’s really interesting to me that we all, to some extent, race down our own rabbit holes of thought when...


The Industrial Internet: Why Are People Doing It?

Hear why it’s critical that food and beverage and CPG manufacturers more effectively supply the downstream—and how they can with today’s sophisticated manufacturing equipment. Support for a brilliant factory has to include enabling workers to be tuned in and engaged to produce products. And if you ask the Alliance for Innovation in Operational Excellence (AIOE) , it’s about constant innovation, the accelerating pace of innovation. It's fun...


Airware Flight Control System Enabled DAx8

AUVSI Day 3: Sparking an Unmanned Evolution

It is remarkable to see the unmanned systems market shift from what had traditionally been the purview of the military to a fast and growing commercial must-have capability. Commercial unmanned system suppliers and technology providers at this year’s AUVSI event now represent probably 80% to 90% of the show floor real estate. In fact AUVSI, the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, is rebranding next year’s event Xponential to...


How Are Industrial Businesses Changing?

You have to look at consumer businesses today because it happens there first, and then the expectation comes to industrial businesses. Rich Carpenter talks about how the cloud works to bring information together, leveraging an ecosystem of relevant information. This helps businesses, for example, diagnose a problem such as an equipment failure and quickly provide the insight to solve it. That’s how the world changes and that’s the direction we’...



AUVSI Day 2: Unmanned to Autonomous - You're on Your Own

Critical to the future of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) is the ability to fly within the regulations issued by the FAA. Past FAA regulations imposed restrictions defined by vehicle mass, speed, altitude and line-of-sight requirements. Flying beyond-the-line-of-sight (BLOS), however, will be required to evolve this industry toward the numerous applications now in development and keep the U.S. in a competitive market position. Safety within the...



AUVSI Day 1: Dog with a Quad-copter

Our CEO, Jeff Immelt, recently made a reference to watching his dogs play with a new toy—how they’re at first fascinated, then proceed to play hard and all but destroy the thing, before dropping it and moving on to the next new toy. His context was the necessity of business to be purposeful, and follow through in the discovery, nurturing or acquisition of new capability or businesses. When it’s new, it gets lots of focus—but it then frequently...


GE Intelligent Platforms

Welcome to IDEF 2015 in Istanbul

…or Constantinople, as I keep wanting to call it. I’ve learned so much and read so much about this place, but never visited. Istanbul, as many know, is a unique city as it straddles two continents—both Asia and Europe—and that’s what’s made it such a hot spot for trade. And, since the city for many years represented the gateway for people of two major religions—Christianity and Islam—it has a storied military past. It’s perhaps fitting, then,...


Industrial Internet of Things

Customer Experience and the Internet of Things

New technology and business model dicussions abound with regard to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). What you don’t hear as frequently are discussions about the impacts and changes IIOT will have on customers’ experiences, especially in a B2B model. From my perspective, these changes will be as profound, if not more profound, than the business model impacts. Additionally, I believe the advancement from technology focus to experience...


Quantum Computing

What's Next for Signal Processing? Part 2

In the first part of this post , I looked at where computing is headed with more cores, wider bandwidth and special application engines. That’s what we can see today. But the future is not necessarily a straight line… The real interesting stuff lies further out in time and, for now at least, on the fringes of technology. These are the devices that will use fundamentally different approaches to solving computational problems—the “DARPA-hard”...


Catch of the Week

Ready to Solve Problems Before They Happen?

Warning: Faulty Fuel Valve! Warning: Feed Pump Bearing Problem! Warning: Rising Exhaust Gas Temperature! It happens like clockwork. Every Friday afternoon, I get an email warning of a serious and potentially costly impending failure in a mission-critical asset. The kind of failure that could grind operations to a halt. The kind of failure that could cost millions of dollars, create days of lost availability, or even injure or kill someone. The...