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OPC UA Standards

OPC Standard Offers New Horizons for the Industrial Internet

One of the biggest challenges of the Industrial Internet has always been interoperability. Different vendors employed various types of controllers and each had their own unique protocols for communicating back and forth, making connectivity and security between them difficult. Many customers have multiple vendor technologies within their facilities and across their companies, so it’s not surprising many organizations struggle to integrate...


Intel Broadwell

Broadwell: Clarity from Confusion

The other day a colleague said to me, “I’m confused by all these Intel Broadwell devices—can you explain?” I did…but, on reflection, I did a poor job. That’s perhaps not surprising when you look at the sheer number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) Intel has announced, and you can be sure there are more to come. To date, they have officially announced no fewer than 48 parts, all with different characteristics. Broadwell was the codename for the...


Oil Well

How to Begin Tapping Into the Value of Your Data

When it comes to data management, I don’t think there’s any debate on where industrial businesses collectively sit right now. The landscape of our world is changing rapidly, especially with the emergence of the Internet of Things, or as GE calls it, the Industrial Internet. There are a lot of different forcing functions that play into the Industrial Internet, from the Cloud to big data to security to sensor enablement. And we like to think about...



If a Dishwasher Can Talk, Then Why Not an Operator Interface?

Recently I bought a new dishwasher for my house. Compared to my previous one, it has a lot of interesting features. But what surprised me most is its ability to remotely send its status to the manufacturer. Anyone who has been on troubleshooting calls for a home appliance can attest to the benefits of this feature. If in today’s connected world we can remotely troubleshoot a dishwasher in my home, why can’t we do the same (or presumably better)...


95% of Alarms Probably Don't Matter

With a very high false-positive rate of alarms out there, people want to know what the state of alarms is today in the industry. Hear Rich Carpenter’s take on how advanced analytics play a role in reducing the number of alarms so you can focus on the most important ones, and the key aspects of these analytics that make them so critical. Watch the video to learn more.


Pros and Cons

Closing Deals: Do the Old Ways Still Get the Yes?

I've talked about how we were taught sales "tricks" back when I trained as a computer salesman in the 1970s—tricks like "accidentally" leaving your hat behind in the prospect’s office, so you had a reason to return. That was far from the only one. Here are some others. Yes Get your prospect into thinking positively by asking him (or her) questions that he/she can only answer “yes” to. The thinking behind that particular little ruse was that,...


IT (and OT) Matter - And CIOs Have to Act Now

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . After years of quietly transforming our companies, squeezing more out of assets and executing, industrial CIOs have finally taken center stage. The convergence of operational technology, or OT, and IT has given us the chance to remake the enterprise. We can approach engineering, operational workflow and systems in a new way and get everyone speaking the same language. But we need to act now or risk...


Military Maintenance: Getting Help from an Unexpected Quarter

Military budgets are shrinking, and platforms are getting older. Worse: the people who really understand those platforms are becoming fewer. Maintaining an aging asset inventory has never been so challenging. But, says Todd Stiefler, help may be at hand from an unexpected quarter—the data you already have that you may not be using effectively. Watch the video to learn more.


Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics: Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore

I’m seeing a shift in the Industrial Internet; it’s not just for the “industrial elite” anymore. Now middle-tier manufacturers can reap the advantages of remote monitoring & diagnostics (RM&D) solutions. Implementation costs have been dramatically reduced, and as a result the advantages of RM&D are available to the broader market. This is due in large part to the decreasing cost of the technologies required to capture, store,...



The CIO: A "Hero of Industry"

This story originally appeared on LinkedIn . Most CIOs quietly just get s*** done. They clean up the mess when others screw up. They keep the utility running with incredibly high uptime. They truly understand the strategy of their businesses and work hard to drive technology solutions to generate revenue, better service or efficiencies. The CIOs I know are true unsung heroes of industry. And now it’s our time. The new CIO is immersed in strategy...



Thinking in a Different Way: Computing as a Utility

Lately, we’ve been out promoting our embedded computing hardware to a wide audience of senior Army leadership, and I must say that the response has been great. But, as you probably know, these people are not the ones who actually buy stuff from us (those are primes and integrators). They are, however the folks that command those who most depend on how well our stuff performs—our soldiers. You can see why we want to know what they think and what...


Plant Workers

The IIoT Revolution: What's Really Going to Change?

In my last two posts about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), I’ve discussed the importance of finding a common IIoT definition , and the four key pillars of technology capabilities that form the IIoT platform . But I think what everyone really wants to know is how IIoT will help them in the real world—what specifically will change in their day-to-day activities and operations that will result in faster and more accurate information, new...



Make Me Money, Make Me Lazy: Living on the IoT Edge

Automation system migration comes with challenges that I find fascinating (raises eyebrow in Mr. Spock style expression), though very understandable. I mean, why you would spend a ton of money to disrupt your existing functioning production lines to upgrade to something that’s going to give you the same outcome; I mean why would you? A couple weeks ago, I asked an automation manager what would drive him to justify migration, and he summed it up...


Blue Angels Air Show

Supporting Our Veterans...and the Culture of Excellence

I wrote a post earlier this year about GE’s support for military veterans. We view the veteran population as a highly skilled and disciplined talent pool of natural leaders, and our GE Veterans network works with this community seeking to employ new business leaders for our company. In addition to recruitment, GE is a proud sponsor of various causes that support the men and women of our armed forces. For example, during the week of May 18—...


Smart Connected Operations

The IIoT Platform: What It Is and Where It's Taking Us

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” It’s an old adage, and as I suggested in my last blog post , it’s applicable when we look at the limited advancements in software technology over the past decades. When it comes to the challenges faced by the manufacturing industries, and legacy technology’s ability to address them, not much has changed. For various reasons, many organizations still struggle with the same things they did 10...