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Rethinking Data Management and the Cloud: Wing-to-Wing Analysis, Part 2

In my previous blog on rethinking data management and the cloud , I covered the powerful outcomes of leveraging the data value chain from the control system to the cloud. That is just the start; there are other possibilities starting to emerge as well. As we start to facilitate a greater and greater flow of data and the right data into the cloud, we’re starting to analyze, and our ability to ask “what-if” questions really goes up. Because we’re...


Brilliant Factory

Factory 3.0: The Brilliant Factory Brings Hardware, Software and Data Together

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. I admit, it can be hard at times to explain what the convergence of IT and OT looks like. But when I talk about how the new industrial architecture of hardware, software and data comes together in a “Brilliant Factory,” the concept crystallizes for people. Machines working efficiently and intelligently with increased speed, less waste and no unplanned downtime is a vision that CIOs can conjure to...



Rethinking Data Management and the Cloud: Horizontal Data Value Chain, Part 1

Like our customers, there’s a lot we’re learning as we redefine GE as a data-driven business. Among other things, we are deploying data management, predictive analytics, and advanced control systems across all of our businesses. To me, this is incredibly exciting; at GE, we’re not just selling software solutions, but also utilizing these new technologies in our own plants and facilities to drive operational improvements and increase productivity...



The Right Track to Zero Downtime

In May, my 10-year-old got to experience the bright lights, sights and sounds of New York City for the first time. The printed train ticket was his birthday present. We had planned to depart from Washington, D.C., but at the last minute decided to stay north of Philly and catch an early train out of 30th Street Station to maximize our long weekend. Three days later, and a little more than a week before we were scheduled to leave, Amtrak made...


Scaling New Heights

One of your problems is perhaps that the assets you’re tasked with maintaining—or the subsystems that make up those assets—come from a wide variety of vendors. Sure, predictive maintenance looks attractive—but how can you scale that easily when you’re dealing with such bewildering diversity? Todd Stiefler believes that achieving the scalability you’re looking for may be simpler than you think. Watch the video to learn more.


Industrial Mobile

Do You Have the Industrial Mobile Mindset?

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn . Nearly every executive I know thinks of their smartphone as a lifeline. We’re all on the road so much, it’s how we stay tethered to the enterprise. But we don’t often think of mobile as an essential business tool for our new digital industry. That’s changing quickly. Mobile app ecosystems and responsive web environments are critical to rapidly prototype designs, with smaller, more agile teams...


PV panels

The Art of the Possible

We work with the U.S. Army in the area of embedded computing. Now, you might think that this is pretty high-tech—but in many ways, the computers in our front-line fighting vehicles are not as powerful as the computer you are reading this article on right now. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? There are lots of reasons for this. First, there is the very long time it takes to get any device that goes on an Army vehicle qualified for use. (After all...


Energy Distribution

CIOs, You Need a Seat at the Table

​This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. CIOs, do you have a seat at the table when your company buys industrial equipment? You’d better. These days, some assets are smarter than others, delivering big savings on long-term maintenance and future servicing. New technology has endowed turbines, aircraft engines, medical devices and everything in between with the ability to perform more efficiently and yield superior outcomes. To be effective,...


Me? Nervous?

In his previous video blog , Todd Stiefler talked about the opportunities for greater efficiency and asset uptime that remote monitoring can bring. That raises questions, though—mostly about security. Moving sensitive data across the web sends shudders down the spine of virtually anyone in the military. But, as Todd explains, it doesn’t have to be that way. Watch the video to learn more.


The Workforce Engagement Opportunity

Is workforce engagement an issue your organization faces? If so, you’re not alone. According to Stephen Schlegel, Managing Director of the OpX Leadership Network brought together by PMMI, workforce engagement affects companies across many industries and translates into a significant amount of lost productivity to the tune of $450-$550 billion per year. Hear his insights and best practices on how to move toward an engaged workforce—a realistic...


It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's SuperSCADA

The HMI SCADA market is changing, especially as operators are expected to do a lot more management of processes. Hear where SCADA is going and how much more capability is being required and being put into HMI SCADA in order to help operators make those higher-level troubleshooting decisions. Watch the video to learn more.


Fighter Jet

TRL: Putting It in Perspective

In the DoD’s quest to further leverage commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and the maturity it offers toward faster and more affordable deployment, they often demand high TRL (technology readiness level) early in the program stage of development. TRL defines technology readiness levels from 1 to 9—1 being basic technology research, and 9 being defined as application of the technology in a deployed operational environment. New program...


Opposite Day

Celebrate Opposite Day and Prevent Mistakes from Happening

My kids like to say something ridiculous and then shout, “Opposite Day!” A lot of things would be great if they were the opposite. Think about this quote and your organization: “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” …and now shout, “Opposite Day!” Today, start reversing the quote about mistakes. You can do it in your plant, across local and even global processes. Here’s the essence of the opposite: “Sanity is...


A Closer Look at Asset Performance Management (APM)

We all know that if equipment goes down, it can significantly disrupt production. So what’s emerging is a set of cloud-based systems, and we call it Asset Performance Management (APM). Rich Carpenter talks about the value of APM by getting connected, using advanced analytics to detect problems early, and optimizing operations. Watch the video to learn more.


Army Vehicles

Convergence and the Internet of Things

In my role as the business development guy for our Ground Systems activities, I work a lot with embedded computing architectures on military vehicles. Convergence is an initiative that dominates the U.S. Army’s current thinking. It was mandated sometime in the last couple years as a way to eliminate the plethora of individual (and often incompatible) sub-systems in vehicles for communication, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance),...