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Jim Walsh

Jim understands the challenges his customers face because he’s been in their shoes. As general manager of Automation & Controls from GE, Jim helps our customers with the only value proposition he feels matters in today’s connected world: growing their competitive edge.

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GE Controls Summit

Controls Summit: Great Minds Think Together

As GE continues its journey to becoming the world's leading Digital Industrial Company, we at Automation & Controls are focusing on the essential role our controls solutions will play in that evolution. Today, in conjunction with GE's Global Research Center (GRC) and GE Digital, we are hosting product managers, engineering managers and key technologists from across the Company for a one-day Controls Summit in Niskayuna, NY (U.S.). I can...


Introducing GE's Automation & Controls Solution Platform

This is a very exciting time for GE as we introduce our Automation & Controls solutions to the world. Automation & Controls combines what was formerly known as GE’s Intelligent Platforms and Alstom’s Power Automation & Controls. With Alstom’s 40 years of domain expertise paired with GE’s rich legacy of technology leadership, we deliver a “dream-team” of some of the best minds in automation and controls. So what exactly do we do? We...


Why Rely on Experts to Centrally Monitor Your Equipment and/or Processes?

The benefits of having experts monitor your equipment and/or processes from a central location are many, including the ability to leverage lessons learned from other assets being monitored and apply the best use of analytics technology. Plus, it’s less resource intensive without the need to hire in-house experts, and you get overall higher effectivene Want to learn more? Watch the video.


How Can OEMs Differentiate Themselves?

The OEM business has become hyper-competitive, and everyone’s looking for an opportunity to differentiate their offerings and capabilities from their peers. And it’s not just about providing machines. For example, OEMs are leveraging technology like remote monitoring and diagnostics to proactively provide their customers with real-time information to help maximize uptime. Technology is a means of differentiation in today’s OEM world. Watch the...


A Strategy for No Unplanned Downtime

In industries like oil and gas, where there are very expensive mission-critical assets on an offshore platform, unplanned downtime is a huge risk. By leveraging technology and the power of the Industrial Internet to collect, transmit and analyze the data, you can predict when assets may fail well in advance—saving millions of dollars and mitigating risk. These same principles apply beyond oil and gas, whereby having a strategy and technology in...


The Industrial Internet: How Do I Get Started?

There’s universal agreement that the Industrial Internet is real. But the challenge often lies in getting started. According to Jim Walsh, it’s about getting a foundation in place relative to your strategy. And it begins with the ability to access data, manage it, and then do something valuable with it. Watch the video to learn more.


The Role of Technology in Simplification

The companies that will thrive in today’s market, which has become increasingly dynamic, more competitive, and much faster, will be those who can stop waste and de-clutter. Oftentimes, complexity is born from variability. Hence, digitization plays a key role in simplification—allowing you to streamline how you execute and also ensure that variability is taken out of the process. Watch the video to learn more.


Bringing the Industrial Internet to Life

GE has many customers who have successfully implemented the Industrial Internet. They’re typically companies with high-value assets and a very strong desire for no unplanned downtime, and they’re often in remote locations. Hear how these companies are collecting and managing their data and running analytics against it to protect their assets—in some cases, worth up to $200 million—to ensure no downtime. Watch the video to hear how companies are...


User Conferences: What’s In It For Me?

Attending a user conference can provide important value, including the opportunity to understand your partner’s strategy, the ability to establish relationships for problem solving and collaboration, and the ability to learn from peers through best practice sharing and more. In the end, you can take these learnings to be more effective in your role at your company. Watch the video to hear how a user conference may benefit you. Register for the...


Translating the Customer Experience for Industry

When it comes to customer experience, Jim Walsh believes the industrial world has made it too complicated. The wining companies will be those that can take what they value in terms of service in their personal lives—such as quick response and knowledgeable people to help solve problems—and translate those into their business operations. Watch the video to hear Jim’s take on improving the customer experience.


Break Down the Silo Between Design and Manufacturing

What we hear as we go out and talk to our customers and prospects is a lot more use of the word “connected,” as technology has continued to evolve. What we're seeing is, companies are recognizing the inefficiency of silos. If you think about design and manufacturing, those are two places where you absolutely would never want to have silos. So, that’s all the more reason to have a seamless, unified, agile approach to both design and manufacturing...


It’s a Connected World and We Just Work in It

The world becomes more and more connected every day and it has made its impact in the business realm. Machine-to-Machine, or M2M, is changing the workplace. Just recently, Peggy Smedley invited me on her radio show where we talked about this concept and how it translates into the Industrial world. [audio mp3="/sites/geautomation/files/userfiles/images/blog-comm/2013/09/GE-Implications.mp3"][/audio] In a manufacturing environment, many types of...


You Have Your Data. Now what?

Availability of data isn't a problem anymore. Today’s problem is making sense of it all. It’s not necessarily just about the ability to store terabytes of data . That’s part of the challenge, but it’s only a small part of the challenge. The big win is when we integrate that data into our processes and deliver business value. There’s no question that there are lots of secrets and tips and wisdom contained in these huge, huge piles of data that we...


Connecting with Brilliant Machines

The industrial internet is a trend that I’m very excited about. And I must say that I don’t typically get over the top excited about trends, but this is one that I’m convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is real. The Industrial Internet has the potential to transform industry. Drawing together fields such as machine learning, big data, the Internet of things and machine-to-machine connectivity, the Industrial Internet opens up the new world...


Don’t Let the School of Hard Knocks Leave Your Operations

Your workers make you successful. They have the expertise and knowledge to make your operations run smoothly. But, today’s demographics show that many of these workers are getting older, and they are retiring at increasingly rapid speeds. The only way to capture their institutional learning, and reuse it over the long haul, is through software. What steps are you taking to ensure that all of the wisdom, invested in over the years, doesn't walk...