Vehicle Management

Providing the backbone

GE leverages its portfolio of Technology Readiness Level (TRL 4) processor and interface single board solutions to develop standard rugged computers that support vehicle management and control tasks on manned and unmanned ground and air military vehicles. Our vehicle management, mission and flight control products provide the processing backbone for functions such as avionics controls, flight planning, autonomous operations and vehicle monitoring.

High TRL solutions

GE vehicle management and control systems provide the confidence of high TRL level solutions. Starting with single board solutions at a TRL 4 level, we integrate, acceptance test and qualification test our system designs to deliver a TRL 6 box that is application-ready. Leveraging COTS technology based on open systems architecture allows GE to deliver a sustainable long-term solution with a pedigree to prove performance.

Two approaches

GE provides vehicle management and control systems with two distinct business methodologies: COTS Rugged Systems (CRS) and Focus Systems. Our CRS products are prepackaged, off-the-shelf solutions. CRS solutions are designed, tested and ready for short-term deliveries with zero non-recurring engineering investment. CRS configurations are defined and available with a single part number per configuration.

Custom solutions

Focus Systems are customized solutions that are developed to our customers' specifications. Focus Systems can range from a modification of a CRS design to a clean sheet design. Delivery times for Focus Systems are longer than CRS solutions due to the product specific engineering and qualification, and Focus Systems typically require an NRE investment. Focus Systems leverage GE’ COTS technology and experience, along with the heritage of CRS solutions to provide solutions that have long support cycles and are developer application-ready to our customers.