Site Surveys*

A migration strategy that will mitigate risk and improve performance

The first step is a simple conversation.

Your infrastructure update begins here. We first engineer a migration strategy that will mitigate risk and improve performance at startup. Our direct sales professionals and channel partners will walk you through a simple, 4-step process to ensure you have a customized plan that is as unique as your plant.

*quantity limited pre-qualification required


Site assessment

To develop a robust migration strategy that is customized for you, we must first assess your needs. A GE Sales Engineer will walk through your site with you to fully understand your current equipment status and application details.


Product roadmap review

Once the Site Assessment is completed, our technical team will propose products and services for migration.


Proposed solution

Based on the information collected during the site assessment, a GE sales engineer will provide you with your specific solution overview, timeline and budget, in addition to spare parts & tool recommendations necessary to complete migration.


Implementation migration solution

The process concludes with a validation of assumptions, followed by flawless migration execution. The final result for your operation is reduced downtime risk and improved performance at start up.