Troubleshooting and FAQ’s

Troubleshooting & FAQs


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General Questions


How to Log in?

There are three different components that comprise EQI2018. Each has its own set of credentials (username and password).

  • APM Login
  • Device Management Login
  • Field Agent, Local Technician Console Login


login diagram

login diagram


How long is data stored?

EQI2018 is meant to help build knowledge around your assets, their health, and operational events that occur on a regular basis. The information generated through asset alerts and cases is stored indefinitely, while data streamed to the time series database is only stored for 2 years. For this reason it is recommended to take screen captures of your analysis data and attach them to the case independently of linking analysis templates to a case.


What is the recommended browser?

Google Chrome is the recommended browser. It is also recommended to open a new incognito window and use it in incognito mode.


Who owns the data?

Customers own their timeseries data. The data can be exported as a CSV file.


What are plans for hosting the data?

Predix, which currently uses AWS US locations.


Is there a way to store the data within the European Union?

Currently, we do not support Europe APM.


What happens to the data at the end of an agreement?

The data along with the data service is terminated.


What if I don’t want the data in the cloud?

The EQI2018 solution will not fit your needs.




How do I access the help section of APM?

On the top right of the APM tenant, look for the “?” icon and click on it. The help window will appear. The topic of the section depends on which feature you are currently accessing. For example, if you are on the Policy Designer page, the help window will be populated with Policy Designer topics.


Why is my data not displaying on the data analysis chart?

Your data may not be making it up to the cloud. To check if your data is being sent to the cloud, try using this toolkit:!/apiLoginClient.

To use the toolkit the UAA URL, Client ID, Client Secret, and Zone-ID will be required. This information would have been provided to you by GE Professional Services.

On the Security tab, click Client ID Login in the left navigation pane. Complete requested details and click “Submit”. On the API Explorer tab, click Time Series Query in the left navigation pane. In the “Choose Request” field, select Get Tags. In the predix-zone id field, enter the Zone id. Click “Submit”.


What to do when getting “Exceeding maximum value of 50000 data points” error?

This is a limit in APM. Tag values over 50,000 are not supported.


What do I do if the upload of Asset Ingestion JSON (tag mapping) fails?

The JSON file must be included in the root directory (not a subdirectory) of a zip file all by itself.


Why do my timestamps not match in an Analysis?

By default APM is using a ‘Default Data Resolution’, this is giving interpolated time stamps based on the date/time range. Change the Data Resolution to ‘Raw Data’ to see source timestamps.


What do I do if there is a red circle with an ‘x’ as opposed to a green circle with a check when I upload a HMI mimic?

The HMI Mimic must be exported to a “Web HMI” JSON file, that is included in the root directory of a zip file.


Why is my HMI tag not refreshing?

Tag data in the HMI Mimic is displaying the last known good value from the APM tag.


Why is my HMI mimic not showing data and what does the HMI Data mean?

The tags in the HMI mimic don’t match the APM tag names that were uploaded.


What happened to my …?

You can check the logs for dashboards, analysis, HMI, and other features by using the audit logs:

  1. Log in to APM.
  2. On the left navigation column, select “Admin” > “Audit Logs”.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the area of interest.


Field Agents


How do I order a field agent?

Please contact us for more information on how to order a field agent here:


How do I check if the data is making it to the cloud?

There are two ways to validate if data is making it to the cloud. You can use this toolkit (!/apiLoginClient) or you can use the APM tenant data analysis feature.


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