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I apologize but I can't remember the gentleman's name that helped me. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and tried various methods until we got the desired results. Thank you sir! Best regards, Ken

Ken - November 2016

He did everything on the phone with me . Then sent quote over to me in a timely manner. Also he was very pleasant & professional.

John - November 2016

Thorough explanation and quick response

jason - November 2016

Level of care and concern, expeditious delivery of ordered items, support is fantastic....

Patrick - November 2016

Very fast and precise response

Steven - November 2016

Very quick response and exactly what I needed

Julien - November 2016

Knowledgeable staff

Mike - October 2016

He was totally committed to resolve my doubts, and he was beyond expectations.

Yohan - October 2016

The support tech was very helpful and patient throughout the process.

Dave - October 2016

The technician at the other end of the phone was clearly very knowledgeable. He helped me get back online very quickly and additionally pointed out a few tips and tricks I can use to help if I'm stuck in the future.

Joshua - October 2016

Great customer service!

Sean - October 2016

Quick Support on the phone or email

Armando - October 2016