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Issue was solved, new code was received quickly.

David - March 2017

Thomas's comprehensive knowledge, patience, and detailed explanations. Thomas knew exactly what had to be done and stepped me through the whole process of uninstalling, re-installing, and reactivating the software licenses. He was also able to reset activations for licenses and didn't have to send me on to someone else to finish the job.

William - March 2017

Told me what PDF to download and where. He made things easy.

Allen - March 2017

Got me going quick, offered to stay on the phone while I tried it to make sure.

Bob - March 2017

Amy worked the system to get us the invoices that I requested!!

Kim - March 2017

Helped me quickly figure out the problem. It was something kind of stupid on my part, but he handled it very graciously.

Bob - March 2017

Super help. More than very satisfied... superverysatisfied.

Isabel - March 2017

Excellent Resources!

Mike - March 2017

Received the invoice the same day - VERY happy with the response time!

Kim - February 2017

Great Service!

Sean - February 2017

Richard was great about providing shipping status and changing the method of shipment to satisfy my customer's needs.

Kim - February 2017

  We needed some configuration files and in a few moments we had them in our hands. We have full confidence in the technical support for critical cases in which waiting times are decisive.

Juan - February 2017