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Quick, accurate, and to the point.

Joshua - December 2016

I'm new to GE hardware, and the technical help that I received helped me get my job done! Thank you.

Madhuri - November 2016

Patient staff that walked me through all steps to ensure the problem was fixed correctly

Todd - November 2016

Great experience with Nardia, as always!

Kirsten - November 2016

Jon quickly identified what my problem probably was and sent me a link to update the license manager. This did fix my problem. Jon was very helpful during the call.

Bob - November 2016

A Fast and Accurate response. This is great.

Allan - November 2016

Consulting with Thomas who has wide knowledge expertise and was able to answer and explain many thing about what was happening. He also took the time to run through an installation and an exercise in how to check out and check in a license.

William - November 2016

I apologize but I can't remember the gentleman's name that helped me. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish and tried various methods until we got the desired results. Thank you sir! Best regards, Ken

Ken - November 2016

He did everything on the phone with me . Then sent quote over to me in a timely manner. Also he was very pleasant & professional.

John - November 2016

Thorough explanation and quick response

jason - November 2016

Level of care and concern, expeditious delivery of ordered items, support is fantastic....

Patrick - November 2016

Very quick response and exactly what I needed

Julien - November 2016