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Jon was expeditious on his reply and the support was accurate

Yohan - July 2017

The Machine was down. (A lack of training on our part.) Jon had the information to get it up and going. He saved the day!

Allen - July 2017

Detailed explanation about the issue's solution.

Madhuri - July 2017

Great customer service!

Sean - July 2017

I always receive a quick response from Ken. He does a great job!

Al - July 2017

It took less than 1 hour to correct the problem.

Brent - July 2017

Thomas is always helpful

Rocco - June 2017

Ricardo was always quick to respond!

Donal - May 2017

Giving us the information as to why we had this issue with the fonts not working properly.

Dennis - May 2017

Christine did a great job on getting me the quote for re-instatement and upgrades that I needed to help the customer. We did get the order!

Kim - April 2017

Told me what PDF to download and where. He made things easy.

Allen - March 2017

Got me going quick, offered to stay on the phone while I tried it to make sure.

Bob - March 2017