A founding member of the OpenVPX™ initiative, GE is a staunch supporter of its mission of increasing the operability of VPX products from different vendors.

Many of our products are OpenVPX-compatible. We will continue to help our customers gain maximum benefit from this exciting development in the VPX marketplace as well as expand our portfolio of products that truly exploit the potential of VPX and OpenVPX.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of single board computers and CPUs designed to meet almost any application need. Our SBCs are available in a multitude of form factors, processor speeds, memory configurations, I/O options, and levels of ruggedization. We also provide an evolutionary path for our processors that keeps pace with new technology.

Our high-resolution, high-performance graphics I/O solutions for embedded video and display applications and subsystems are based on high-performance commercial chips for state-of-the-art image quality and capabilities.

The GE family of high performance multiprocessing solutions includes Power Architecture- and Intel-based SBCs and multiprocessors as well as PMC/XMC carriers and FPGA processing engines.

We have one of the most extensive I/O lines in the embedded board industry, with a vast selection of Ethernet switches and LAN and WAN cards. Our range of other I/O interfaces includes packet processors, audio, video, storage, bus adapters, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, StarFabric and InfiniBand Technology.

GE can supply a range of VPX chassis and enclosure products and services from starter cages with rear transition modules and PCI Express cables, through to full turn-key rugged systems.

Our 3U VPX sensor processing solution builds on GE’s legacy of industry-leading digital receiver families and extending still further the growing ecosystem of GE 3U VPX solutions.

GE Intelligent Platform's system-level experience in military subsystems provided valuable input to the OpenVPX Industry Working Group. As a working group member, we contributed to the development of the VPX Systems Specification, leveraging the work of existing VPX standards to create better interoperability. The ratified VPX Systems Specification defines an architecture that manages and constrains module and backplane designs, including defining pin outs, and sets interoperability points within VPX while maintaining full compliance with VPX.