GeoInt Accelerator

Get Better Results with GE and NVIDIA

Get Better Results with NVIDIA GeoInt Axxelerator

The Defense and Geo Intelligence community heavily relies on accurate and timely information in its strategic and day-to-day operations. Intelligence gathering and assessment are essential parts of these activities that see data coming from diverse sources such as satellites, autonomous vehicles, surveillance cameras, and radar.

Converting this raw data into actionable information requires a significant computing infrastructure. The NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator is the first accelerated platform that enables defense and homeland security analysts to accurately generate actionable intelligence from petabytes of data, images and video. Powered with GPUs, image- and video processing can run 10x-75x faster compared to CPU only systems.  

Ruggedized Hardware Enhances Your GeoInt Capabilities

The MAGIC1 rugged display computer, with NVIDIA EXK107 GPU, provides the ruggedized hardware solution needed to deploy GeoINT Accelerator on-board aircraft and autonomous vehicles for real-time processing, expanding GeoINT Accelerator's functionality beyond ground clusters and workstations. GE works with multiple GeoINT Accelerator participating program partners to ensure each application's requirements are met. For more information on GE's broad line of GPGPU COTS Platforms, visit the GPGPU Resource Center.  

Image Processing with GeoInt Accelerator

The role of image processing is expanding for defense and geo intelligence. GeoInt Accelerator is manufactured to accelerate the workflow across tasks such as orthorectification, filtering algorithms, change detection, 3D reconstruction to process much larger volume of images to deliver results that impact decisions.

Video Processing with GeoInt Accelerator

Achieve real-time performance for video processing including video enhancement algorithms, moving objects detection, mosaicking, facial recognition, and many others with GeoInt Accelerator. GeoInt Accelerator can deliver not only real time, but also beyond real-time performance for the processing of full-motion videos, making video analysis more productive. 

GeoInt Accelerator Libraries

If you are a GeoInt developer, GeoInt Accelerator is a excellent tool to accelerate development. Several libraries are compatible with GeoInt Accelerator so development can be jump started. Libraries that run on GeoInt Accelerator include:

  • NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) – Library of basic image processing kernels and functions
  • ArrayFire library – Rich library of image and signal processing functions accelerated by GPUs
  • MATLAB Imaging Toolkit – Library of imaging functions for high level modeling in MATLAB
  • OpenCV – Diverse library of computer vision functions
  • CUDA FFT library—Basic library for most signal processing applications
  • NVIDIA Optix – Programmable ray tracing framework to model stealth designs
  • OpCoast SNEAK - RF propagation analysis, ray tracing, and jamming analysis development kit
  • DelCross Savant – High frequency ray tracing engine for antenna modeling