Anti-Tamper and Information Assurance

Today, aerospace and military systems are increasingly more dependent on complex computing, communication and data storage platforms to accomplish their missions.  These software-intensive systems rely on algorithms, rules, and data that if comprised can spell disaster for the mission and the personnel that depend on them. Ensuring the integrity of these platforms requires hardware, software and physical solutions. GE understands the complexity of securing the hardware, operating system, applications, and data, whether it is in storage or transmission.

Secure computing is a labyrinth of technologies that ensures the intended platform performance, starting with the boot process through operating system loading to applications running. In order to provide full coverage, we offer a portfolio of products that enables system integrators to implement multiple levels hardware assurance, trusted boot, Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) operating systems, Secure Hypervisor, and middleware foundations for the system and application software.

Hardware Assurance constitutes the “root of trust” in developing security-conscious solutions. Incorporating tamper resistant technologies such as volume protection, anti-tamper sensory technologies, and encryption play a pivotal role in developing these security solutions. Memory sanitization capabilities also provide a means to erase memory contents eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

Trusted boot enables the security products by leveraging hardware and software techniques designed to ensure integrity for the embedded computing environment and assurance of this trusted environment during runtime operation as well as maintenance procedures. 

Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) operating systems, Secure Hypervisor, and middleware provide the foundation for system and application software. GE has experience with each of these areas and maintains key relationships with vendors to enhance future products and help accelerate the adoption of these capabilities in a world of high-connected architectures.

Extending data security beyond the process platform, GE has a long history of providing rugged networking solutions currently in use for airborne, naval and ground mobile applications. These products combine network connectivity with advanced security, firewall and intrusion detection/prevention. Certification of these products becomes a key component to a security program. GE is aware of these certifications and has products available to meet certification to standards such as FIPS 140-1 level 2 and Common Criteria EAL4 MRPP.

GE has significant corporate resources dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of security products and applications. Our Center of Excellence (COE) for Information Security Technology concentrates on a variety of security areas specializing in cyber security, as well as network design, architecture, and data management. GE Global Research Center (GEGRC) researches novel methods to leverage secure capabilities for high integrity and high-assurance applications.

In addition to supplying the current state-of-the-art technology, GE in cooperation with the GE Global Research Center (GEGRC) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working to develop the next generation of secure technology technologies.

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