Solution Provider Growth Opportunities

GE recognizes the continuous contribution that the System Integrator community makes to our mutual clients. Members of the GE Solution Provider program deliver project after project with the highest level of technology proficiency. The growth opportunities listed below are based on familiar, off-the-shelf offerings and intended to be used by Solution Providers to build on their role as trusted advisor. Solution Providers can proactively take these unsolicited propositions to end-users to develop significant paid-service projects while delivering incremental benefit.

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  Proficy Troubleshooter  

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  Advanced Analytics -- Advanced analytic tools are an excellent opportunity to grow your services business as an extension of existing solutions. These tools are an off the shelf for System Integrators to leverage intimate process knowledge and advanced skills into mutually beneficial project activity. It’s time to move past the visual trend chart towards true data analytics that provide real insight and drive systemic continuous improvement.

Proficy Workflow - featuring Operator Task Management and Alarm Response Management  capabilities


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Help your clients do more than simply acknowledge alarms through their SCADA – and instead drive the right corrective action. Proficy Workflow from GE can extend existing SCADA solutions with complementary capabilities that provide critical insight, guide operators through proper procedures, and deliver the appropriate actions every time.


Proficy for Sustainability Metrics


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As a system integrator, you add value every day to your clients through operational support and project execution. Proficy for Sustainability Metrics provides an excellent opportunity to initiate sustainability projects that drive real value by providing understanding and reducing resource consumption.