GE Pump Station Appliance ROI Calculator

GE Pump Station ROI Calculator

Enter your values in the cells. Representative values for hours, labor rates, mpg, electrical and risk costs associated with these activities have been pre-populated. Tailor the values for your own operations to calculate an estimated ROI. Your ROI results will appear in years and months at the bottom of the page.

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1 One-time Design and Build Savings

The traditional approach to implementing a pump station includes associated costs for an engineering consultant and / or system integrator to create the layout, drawings and PLC program, and to construct a control panel. These costs can be avoided with GE’s Pump Station Appliance. Calculate your initial one-time savings for designing and building the solution.

2 Annual Maintenance Savings

You rack up yearly maintenance costs to keep pumping station automation controls, user interface and alarm notifications up to date and in top condition. Costs can include an annual agreement with a contracted engineering firm or system integrator to keep both hardware and software current. With the GE Pump Station Appliance and its secure hosted user interface, there is no hardware and software to upgrade or maintain, so you save staff time and keep annual maintenance costs down. Because you’ll have real-time visibility and email alarm notifications to alert you of pump station conditions, you will be able to correct problems before equipment — including pumps and motors — run to failure. Calculate your annual savings.


3 Annual Labor Savings

A Web-based solution to control, monitor and email alarm notifications from your pumping station in real time allows your staff to focus on high-value work, like sewer cleaning and other preventative maintenance activities, rather than inspecting pump stations each week. Calculate your annual labor savings.


4 Annual Inspection Savings

Without control automation and real-time notification capability, your staff would have to travel to pumping stations several times a week to manually check conditions. GE’s Pump Station Appliance, with its control automation and real-time email alarm notifications, will result in reduced vehicle usage — saving you time and money, as well as lowering risk. Calculate your savings based on mileage and estimated contributing factors.


5 Annual Property Damage Avoidance

Without control automation and real-time notification capability, your risk exposure associated with pump station and / or equipment failure is much greater. Your annual maintenance costs are also increased. With GE’s Pump Station Appliance, your staff will be able to see real-time operational data anytime, anywhere. They’ll also receive instant alarm notifications so that they can take action and make corrections quickly — before property and / or pump damage occurs. Calculate your risk savings associated through risk and maintenance cost reduction.


6 Annual Energy Savings

Without control automation and real-time notification capability, pumps can run excessively and waste energy. Left unchecked and without real-time information, this can potentially damage the system. The GE Pump Station Appliance provides real-time information to detect problems, saving energy and wear and tear on pumps. Calculate your estimated (%) kWh per month energy saved when you catch and correct these problems faster.


7 One-time Installation Cost

Your cost to install the GE Pump Station Appliance will vary depending on whether you have a third-party contractor or in-house staff install it. The initial number reflects a third-party contractor installation. Estimate your cost.

Yearly Totals and ROI

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