VersaSafe Machine Safety

Distributed Safety System with High Availability

VersaSafe Distributed Safety System

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VersaSafe is a TUV-certified SIL 3 distributed safety system for critical control in a production environment. Combining secure network connectivity, certified safety function blocks, and an easy-to-use graphical programming environment, VersaSafe helps customers efficiently integrate standards-compliant safety capabilities while meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Higher availability increases uptime

VersaSafe delivers high availability by integrating PROFINET with optional media redundant protocol (MRP) and multiple cable media options. Machine repair times are reduced by the ability to put a machine in a safe state without fully powering down the equipment, enabling faster start-up after a repair.

Simplified design lowers cost of ownership

Leveraging PACSystems’ distributed I/O architecture and single point of connection, VersaSafe enables efficient development of high-performance modular machines. A single network carries standard and safety I/O, simplifying wiring without compromising safety.

To minimize engineering efforts, VersaSafe includes a library of certified safety function blocks, the ability to seamlessly integrate safety and standard capabilities and a robust set of integrated development and commissioning diagnostic utilities.

Scalability maximizes flexibility

VersaSafe doesn’t require a separate safety CPU, enabling a highly distributed safety I/O configuration that is both cost-effective and high performing. VersaSafe is ideal for both large and small operations. Large production lines benefit from the ability to update a portion of the safety logic without stopping the controller, while smaller machines can right-size the safety I/O needs without the cost of a separate safety controller.

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