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New Life for Phased-out Steam & Gas Plant Synchronous

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New Life for Phased-out Steam & Gas Plant
Synchronous Generators

Global climate change poses new challenges for power generation and transmission. Huge amounts of renewables-based power get added to the energy mix influencing the stability of transmission networks

and calling for synchronous condensers to support and improve power transmission quality.

At the same time thermal power plants with large synchronous generators and existing auxiliary infrastructure get phased-out. GE’s Automation & Controls offers solutions to bring these generators to a new life as synchronous condensers supplying the electrical network with reactive and short circuit power.

GE’s Static Starter operates the generator as a synchronous motor to accelerate the rotor to synchronous speed. In the meantime. GE’s Static Excitation system generates the necessary current to create the magnet field of the rotor.

When synchronized on the transmission network, the AVR system of the Static Excitation controls the excitation current to generate the requested reactive power, and in this way supports today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable, secure and efficient power supply.







  • Based on the latest powerful GE control technology: bot, Static Starter and Static Excitation system feature the latest platform to maximize performances, efficiency, and allow seamless integration with other control systems such as Distributed Control System (DSC)
  • Flexible solution to adapt to generator capacities
  • Static Starters available in four different power ratings:>.>, 1>, 1> and 2> MVA
  • Complete product line of Static Excitation systems available with currents up to 1>,00> Amps.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance with a common ControlST software suite
  • Quick response time to support power system disturbances
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD or BMS)
  • Award-winning Integrated Safety Solution