Smart Connected Operations

With the advantages of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can now solve your operational challenges by integrating your assets, operations and business systems to create Smart Connected Operations. Enter the IIoT platform.

Smart Connected Operations

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Welcome to Smart Connected Operations—a forward- looking vision for manufacturers that describes what the factory or production line of the future will look like. It involves bringing together your Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled assets, operations, and business systems a key step toward creating a Smart Connected Enterprise.

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Smart Connected Operations

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Asset visibility, reliability, and, benchmarking

Reduced downtime, improved utilization, reduced maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory, improved design.

Energy visibility and benchmarking

Reduced energy costs, improved production efficiency, improved asset performance, improved design and commissioning.

Traceability and serialization

Reduced scope and impact of adverse events, improved inventory and manufacturing performance.

Flexible manufacturing

Reduced lot size, increased customer responsiveness, increased asset utilization, increased production capacity.

Source: LNS Research

The future state of manufacturing…

The IIoT brings together your people, processes, and traditional “things” like sensors, instrumentation, materials, and assets— enabling true shop floor to top floor integration and allowing for the flow of data to drive insights and collaboration for optimized performance.

Get Connected, Get Insights, and Get Optimized.

Over time, Smart Connected Operations will allow you to move from providing just real-time data, to providing real-time data in context of your operations with predictive analytics embedded.

That’s where the power of asset performance management (APM) comes in—enabling smarter operators who have the visibility and analytics to understand performance at every level and can take the right actions for optimization.

What are manufacturers’ top challenges?


Source: LNS Research

Lack of collaboration across different departments

Disparate systems and data sources

ROI justifications for improvement investments

Difficulty coordinating across supply and demand chains

Find out how the Industrial Internet enables manufacturers to address challenges in a new way.....

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Top Operational Challenges


Source: LNS Research

How the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Will Enable 5 Critical Next-Gen Manufacturing Applications.

OVER THE PAST SEVERAL DECADES the challenges facing manufacturers has remained remarkably consistent. New research shows that many manufacturers are still struggling with collaboration, disparate systems, and ROI.

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“As more and more systems, devices, sensors, assets, and people are connected, more and more data will be collected that is both structured and unstructured, enabling new analytical techniques to provide previously undiscoverable results.”

Learn more about this journey toward creating a production environment for your business that enables Smart Connected Operations.

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Get Connected, Get Insights, and Get Optimized.

Find out where your peers are on their Industrial Internet journey. LNS Research’s webinar on Smart Connected Operations presents key findings, insights, and recommendations based on the results of its Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) online survey with over 500 respondents.

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Connecting People, Plants and Data Around the World.

See how one of GE’s customers uses Proficy Software, powered by the Industrial Internet, to transform its operations—increasing capacity by 20%, decreasing lead times, and improving traceability to better serve its customers. It’s Smart Connected Operations at work.

Watch the video: AkzoNobel

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