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Make better decisions, faster

Introducing the next layer in GE’s Industrial Internet systems solution. GE’s Field Agent technology is the critical link required in an IIoT chain for cloud-enabled analytics. Field Agents provide a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine.

Connect to nearly any industrial asset and leverage GE’s Industrial Internet Platform to collect data, analyze trends and uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance. Build out remote monitoring & diagnostics capabilities safely and securely, utilizing encrypted channels that preserve data time stamp, quality and fidelity.


Industrial Internet evolution

Big data analytics is shifting the competitive landscape for industries big and small. This type of information is helping GE customers drive higher operational efficiencies through predictive maintenance, diagnostics that reduce downtime, and synchronized fleet management applications.


Predictive maintenance of assets can save up to 12% of scheduled repairs, reducing overall maintenance costs up to 30% and breakdowns up to 70%



Device & fleet management, simplified

Field Agent technology enables customers to connect to and utilize GE’s Predix* Platform to easily collect and analyze industrial data to uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance.

A range of form factors, communication protocols, tag capacity and connectivity options makes Field Agent a great choice for almost any application, even across disparate systems.

The ability to make fast, informed operational decisions can make or break industrial profitability. A secure link between assets and the Industrial Internet is critical to providing real-time operational value. Moving data to the cloud makes it possible to visualize asset performance and run predictive analytics on the data that optimizes uptime and productivity.



Minimize unplanned downtime.

  • Predict and mitigate equipment failures.
  • Remotely monitor & diagnose machine issues.
  • Reduce IT risk and headaches with secure data collection.

Gain the competitive edge.

  • Use Edge analytics and fleet data to optimize continuous operations.
  • Manage connectivity across 1000’s of devices.
  • Centralize deployment of apps and firmware upgrades.
  • Remotely manage devices from HQ – or anywhere.
  • Optimize maintenance scheduling.

Get up and running quickly, with minimal disruption.

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity eliminates the need for specialized expertise.
  • Visualize data in minutes.
  • Mobile commissioning enables fast, simple setup.
  • No retrofit required.
  • A variety of form factors, protocols and memory types support any application. 

Improve performance.

  • Run analytics in the Cloud or at the Edge.
  • Ready-made or custom Edge applications.
  • Simple device and fleet management.
  • Easy remote security and software updates.
  • Seamless integration with GE’s complete suite of  APM tools, right out of the box.



The Power of Predix

The Predix* Cloud provides low-cost IT infrastructure with elastic scale computing that delivers rich industrial automation solutions in short time frames. Cloud applications typically require edge processing that allows logic to run close to the machine. Field Agent technology provides this capability through secure, authenticated data transfer from the plant to the cloud over encrypted channels. Data can be transferred to the cloud preserving its time stamp, quality, and fidelity without compromise. Predix provides the application framework that supports edge processing and logic execution at the most vital layer in a system architecture.

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