Series 90-30

A versatile family of controllers, I/O and specialty modules with Ethernet communications for a range of industrial control solutions

Series 90-30 PLC

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on October 1, 2017

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Series 90*-30 controllers, I/O and specialty modules feature modular architecture, redundant CPUs and power, and ease of programming. The Series 90-30 is the low-cost solution for high-availability applications.

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Versatility Reduces System Cost and Space

  • Over 100 I/O modules for a range of applications
  • Digital interfaces for push buttons, switches, proximity sensors, relays, contactors and other devices
  • Analog modules with variable resolution for flow, temperature or pressure applications
  • Direct connect wiring or remote termination
  • Local or remote I/O systems

Ethernet Communications Provides Scalable Connectivity

Begin with an Ethernet-enabled CPU, or add a rack-mounted Ethernet module later. The Series 90-30 Ethernet module supports both SRTP and Modbus TCP/IP application protocols.


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