RXi - Web HMI Panel

The definitive Industrial Display experience for connecting to web-hosted applications

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Modularity and Flexibility

The RXi – Web HMI Panel portfolio ranges from 7" to 24" screens in a widescreen format with 7" to 15" available with both indoor and outdoor Sunlight Readable (SLR) screens. The modular nature of the unit offers a substantial amount of flexibility in configuring your RXi – Web HMI Panel. For instance, you can easily swap an indoor screen for an outdoor screen, change screen sizes, or simply replace a damaged screen, while utilizing the same computing unit.

Enhanced Connectivity

The RXi – Web HMI Panel was developed to provide users with cost effective easy access to web hosted HMI applications while maintaining the capabilities that comes with an industrialized panel. Since the majority of the computing is expected to be done on the server side, the RXi – Web HMI Panel comes with a minimalist computing module housing a Dual Core 1.0 GHz iMX6 Freescale processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 4GB of Flash memory. The standard Linux Yocto OS, QT Webkit, and Chromium and Firefox Web browsers ensure that the RXi – Web HMI Panel is ready to connect you to your web hosted HMI of choice. The RXi – Web HMI Panel provides vivid graphical capabilities and quick response times to ensure access to relevant information, enable smarter decision, and lower total cost of ownership.

Display Technology: Designed to Maximize UX

The RXi – Web HMI Panel takes industrial displays into today’s connected world, by combining design, durability, and power in an ultra-slim package perfect for the factory floor. A sleek and powerful user experience (UX) connects people and machines with the latest in touchscreen technology and widescreen displays. The projected capacitive, high resolution, multitouch screens can be used while wearing personal protective equipment and are as sensitive as the latest smartphone. The outdoor rated Sunlight Readable (SLR) screens provide brightness ratings nearly double that of the brightest smart devices. The optically bonded screens feature UV protection which vastly reduces reflections and glare, providing operators with vivid, clear images for more complete and enhanced process visualization.


Anytime, Anywhere: A Range of Applications

With the highest of environmental ratings, the RXi – Web HMI Panel operates effectively in temperatures as high as 65°C and as low as -20°C. Indoors or outdoors, the RXi – Web HMI Panel portfolio meets the most rigorous of certifications with IP66 rated screens that protect against dust, moisture, and direct water jets. The RXi – Web HMI Panel provides you with a solution that is designed to go where you need it to.