RX3i High speed I/O

Rack I/O for Mission Critical Applications

RX3i High Speed I/O

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Outstanding Flexibility

RX3i IO is designed for mission critical discrete and process applications. The rack-based IO offers advanced diagnostics and outstanding flexibility, with a wide range of standard and advanced IO.

Discrete I/O Modules

Input modules provide the interface between the PLC and external input devices such as proximity sensors, push buttons, switches, and BCD thumbwheels. Output modules provide the interface between the PLC and external output devices such as contactors, interposing relays, BCD displays and indicator lamps.

Analog I/O Modules

GE offers easy-to-use analog modules and HART analog modules for control processes such as flow, temperature and pressure.

Specialty Modules

The RX3i features a wide range of Specialty Modules to address specific application requirements. These modules include:

  • Millivolt and Strain Gage I/O
  • Thermocouple I/O
  • RTD I/O
  • Resistive I/O
  • Temperature Control
  • Power Transducer

Networks and Distributed I/O Systems

The RX3i features a variety of communications options for distributed control and/or I/O. Choose from Ethernet EGD, Profibus-DP, Genius and DeviceNet. These communication modules are easy to install and quick to configure.

RX3i Pneumatic Module

This output module provides 11 pneumatic outputs and five 24 VDC sourcing outputs. For each pneumatic output, the module contains an internal 3-way solenoid-actuated valve and an associated output fitting. Solenoid power is supplied from an external 24 VDC source to the“DC Outputs” connector on the front panel.

Expansion Modules for Local and Remote I/O

The RX3i supports various expansion options for local and remote I/O to optimize configurations. The RX3i can be expanded up to 8 expansion bases using local remote expansion module.

The RX3i also supports Ethernet remote I/O using the RX3i Ethernet Network Interface module (IC695NKT001) Series 90-30 Ethernet Network Interface module (IC693NIU004) for more distributed I/O.


Approvals Zone 2 CE, ATEX C1D2 ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KRS, LR
Channel Density 2-32 points
Environmentals IP20 0° to 60C°
Gateways Serial Communications PROFIBUS/Master CANOpen Modbus/RTU Modbus/TCP HART, GENIUS DNP3 Serial/TCP IEC-61850, IEC- 104, Reflective Memory
Hot Swap Yes
I/O Module Size 34mm W x 145mm H x 140 mm D
I/O Type TTL, 12, 24, 48, 125 VDC 120, 240 VAC, relay, analog, RTD, Thermocouple
IO Redundancy None
Isolation Galvonic Isolation DI, DO, AI, AO
Media Connector 2x RJ45 + 2x SFP
Media Support Copper, MM & SM Fiber
Modules VDC, High Speed Counters, PWM and Pulse Output Power Sync & Measure, Strain Gauge, SoE Inputs (application)
Mounting Format On Panel/DIN Rail
Network Redundancy MRP, Dual LAN
Speciality Pulse Test 24, 125
System Redundancy PNSR, EGD or GENIUS


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