Outcome Optimizing Controller

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A New Paradigm for Control

The PACSystems* Rx3i CPE 400, part of GE’s Industrial Internet Control System, is a hypervised, multicore, outcome optimizing controller. It is now possible to combine real-time deterministic control with physics-based analytics to securely connect to, easily collect, and analyze industrial data directly at the machine. Controls can now be programmed to dynamically influence business outcomes, generate new forms of revenue, and improve profitability. It is designed for superior performance in applications including water & wastewater, metro, industrial steam, oil & gas, discrete manufacturing, modular machine design and other diverse applications that require a compact footprint combined with high performance, flexibility, and reliable, application specific control.

Why GE Customers Choose Outcome Optimizing Control

  • Reduced risk. Built-in security protocols and a broad suite of cyber-security technology and tools help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates, and protect against man-in-the-middle and denial of service attacks.
  • Reduced lifecycle cost. Advanced functionality simplifies system architecture leading to a reduction in engineering costs. Additionally, our outcome optimizing controllers can provide software upgrades, patches, and antivirus updates from a central location, with minimal system disruption.
  • Decreased time to market. Scalable performance and multiple form factors support a wide variety of industrial applications.




Bridge the productivity gap.

The RX3i CPE400 augments real-time deterministic control with embedded Field Agent technology, delivering near real-time advice through market analysis, fleet and enterprise data, or asset/process knowledge to optimize the outcomes that today’s businesses require. The Predix enabled CPE400 provides reliable, secure communication and analytics using either cloud-based or Edge-based outcome optimizing apps. 

Reliable, High-Speed Performance

Analyze and improve even the most complex application right at the source or push to the cloud using Predix cloud-connected services.

The RX3i CPE 400 can be configured for simplex and redundant operation, at incremental frame rates as fast as 3ms in any configuration. A large working memory allows for rapid retrieval and conveyance of machine data. Gigabit data interfaces enable high speed, reliable performance.

Advanced Security

The Rx3i CPE400 is secure by design, incorporating technologies such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and secure, trusted, and measured boot to enable that hardware root of trust. A centralized configuration allows patches and updates to be executed from a central location. A broad suite of cyber-security technology and tools help prevent unauthorized updates while built-in security protocols help protect against man-in-the middle and denial of service attacks.



Application-specific Control

Outcome optimizing controllers are ruggedized for uninterrupted data collection, reliable performance, and are customizable to fit almost any application.

GE's Predix operating system comes pre-installed on CPE400. Activate RM&D service as needed without upgrading hardware. Mix and match I/O using embedded PROFINET and adapt your system for a wide range of applications. Receive reliable, secure communication and analytics using either cloud-based or edge-based outcome optimizing apps.

Flexible Redundancy
Tailored to Your Needs

Building on GE’s market leadership and decades of expertise in mission critical backup power and critical cooling solutions, PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET is a flexible and intelligent highavailability control system that ensures maximum uptime while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through easier configuration, operation and maintenance. Built on a scalable, synchronized, hotstandby redundancy control platform, our PACSystems High Availability on CPE400 solutions ensure uninterrupted control of your applications and processes with total transparency with switchover time as fast as 300 msec.