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Guide operators with dynamic, interactive electronic work instructions and eSOPs for more consistent operations.

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Drive the right action, every time

Do your operators know the right actions to take? Now, you can drive the right actions, anytime, anywhere. You can improve operations with dynamic, interactive Electronic Work Instructions and guided eSOPs to reduce variation in performance, cost and quality with more consistent work processes.

With Proficy Workflow, you can easily document processes, transfer knowledge and drive consistency and predictability into your plant. You can digitize manual and automated processes with one tool across your entire facility – from plant operators and maintenance teams to field crews and leadership.

Step-by-step instructions on HMI/MES alarms

Proficy Workflow provides step-by-step instructions to operators, even from within the window of their usual HMI/SCADA application.

Operators do not have to learn a new system and can improve their response to alarms and ensure operations run smoothly. Additionally, Proficy Workflow can filter out nuisance alarms and take automatic action, so your team only needs to perform steps on certain alarms.

Less emergencies, faster troubleshooting

Operators want the right information to do their jobs, and they don’t want to call you in the middle of the night or interrupt important meetings. With documented processes and digitized procedures, every operator is an expert – with step-by-step instructions guiding the right actions.

Mobile task list and step support

Reduce response time and ensure the right response to alarms with prioritized task lists and step-by-step task instructions. Move from a paper-based method of managing your procedures to an electronic format – with best practice instructions at the tip of all operators’ and technicians’ fingers. Proficy Mobile Tasks, enabled by Proficy Workflow, also includes advanced functionality such as e-signature, reassign, jump, and more.

“Hundreds of Department of Public Works staff hours are saved, and effective and consistent operations are ensured.”
–Bill Fritz, P.E., Director of Public Works, Waterford Township


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