Proficy for Water InfoCenter Solution Pack

Proficy for Water InfoCenter Solution Pack

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Gain a powerful water information hub – in a cost-effective solution pack.  The Proficy for Water InfoCenter brings together award-winning Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX visualization, embedded Proficy Historian, web publishing capability with WebSpace, and over 600 water-specific dynamos along with optional predictive modeling. 

Most water and wastewater facilities don’t need more data. They need the right information to deal with today’s challenges. Water demand is increasing; the workforce is decreasing, and many distribution systems are inefficient and antiquated.

With GE’s Proficy for Water InfoCenter, you can gain unprecedented access to the information that you really need – allowing more informed decisions, saving time and money, and better serving constituents. 

GE provides insight in the following areas:

  • Resources: optimizing field workforce, fixed assets and fleet equipment with a task-relative wireless information environment. 
  • Conveyance: optimize influent landscape, leverage buffer capacity, optimize pump-station energy consumption, limit loss and advance event detection.
  • Treatment:  mitigate increasing energy consumption during treatment with smart plant management of pumping and chemicals.
  • Business:  coordinated systems providing visibility into your operations, delivering actionable information to power sustainable improvements.

The Proficy for Water InfoCenter Solution Pack provides:

Insight through information: With a total view of the water grid, agencies can make better decisions to reduce loss, anticipate demand, and improve operations, reliability and security.

Efficiency: Through connected data, agencies can reduce water loss, decrease chemical usage, minimize troubleshooting and overtime, run operations on few resources and perform within tighter budgets.

With the Proficy for Water InfoCenter Solution Pack, you’ll have the tools to kick-start your new solution and start improving your operations. Look to GE for the instructions, proven templates and reports that you need.

The Proficy for Water InfoCenter software licensing includes:

  • Water Solutions Pack templates and dynamos
  • Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX Plus Development Version – 10K tags
  • Proficy Historian – 500 tags STD edition
  • iFIX WebSpace – 2 clients
  • Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) Driver

Learn how thousands of towns, villages and cities around the world have improved operations with GE – and find out how we can make your job easier, your department more profitable, and improve the quality and safety of the water grid in your community.