Proficy Vision

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Powerful web visualization in a single environment

Gain timely and relevant cross-enterprise insights with GE's Proficy Vision software. It provides a powerful operational dashboard that brings together web-based content from the Proficy portfolio and third-party web displays into one environment. That means one view of data from multiple systems at your fingertips—organized the way you want it, where and when you need it.


  • Make better, faster decisions through increased operational visibility
  • Reduce time to action with the ability to navigate by physical locations familiar to you
  • Leverage increased convenience with anytime, anywhere web access
  • Speed responsiveness to issues and problems
  • Reduce training, saving time and costs
  • Improve enterprise-wide collaboration and communication

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Visualization software that delivers an operations view

Proficy Vision introduces a new and unique paradigm for navigating your operations. It enables you to take equipment-centric, product-centric and people-centric views of your world. You can aggregate and organize content in the context of your plant structure, enabling web-enabled content side by side in the same application. And it delivers a role-specific user interface for maximum efficiency!


  • Web-based access
  • Organized displays
  • Structured navigation
  • Content mashup
  • Role-based access
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Personalization (Favorites)

Like a map and compass on your operations that delivers real-time operational intelligence, Proficy Vision helps you make sense of a complex world. It's your operational dashboard in a convenient one-stop operations view!.