Proficy Real-Time Information Portal

Real-time manufacturing intelligence with robust analysis, data visualization and reporting all in one.

Proficy Real Time Information Portal

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Leverage critical production data in context

  • Improve quality and efficiency with access to production data
  • Enable real-time decision support
  • Drive continuous process improvements

Gain critical business insights from all of your plant data in real time with connectivity to your plant data. Proficy Real-Time Information Portal can help you.

Manufacturing Intelligence Framework

Gain unprecedented access to data and control over how to visualize and analyze it—all in a simple, easy-to-use and near-zero-maintenance environment. As a pure web-based software application, Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides robust analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities.

Critical operational visibility

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal applies sophisticated trending, graphical presentation and statistical analysis to all of your online data. With this visibility, you can leverage unique organization-wide views and insight into how your plant is operating—and more importantly, how to improve it.