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Proficy Process Systems

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Change what’s possible in process control and automation

Proficy Process Systems is a state-of-the-art, fully engineered system for process automation and control that leverages our latest hardware and software technologies to provide a complete control solution—closing the loop between automation and information.

Optimize your operational performance

Optimizing performance means maximizing your assets and reducing costs, getting finished goods out the door more quickly and finding hidden capacity. Proficy Process Systems helps you achieve all this and more with the information you need to make better decisions.

Gain visibility into your operation

Proficy Process Systems provides the control and transparency you need to deliver value and to strengthen your customer relationships. With role-based views and manager access to real-time and historical views of macro-level data, you can effectively monitor key performance indicators.

Maximize your uptime and productivity

Building flexibility and responsiveness into your operations, Proficy Process Systems enables you to take less time making changes and more time making products. And can achieve a lower total cost of ownership because there’s only one system to learn and maintain.

Delivering unparalleled flexibility

The foundation of Proficy Process Systems is a contemporary hardware and software infrastructure that offers the benefits of both traditional DCS and PLC/HMI systems, without many of the historic limitations of those approaches. 

  • Our multi-disciplined PACSystems controllers can handle process, discrete, and motion control applications, giving users unparalleled flexibility in their control system.
  • Our Proficy software applications empower users with unprecedented visibility, analytics, and connectivity throughout their enterprise.
  • Our HMI/SCADA and Historian technologies, coupled with Batch and a complete Production Management suite, can help improve quality, flexibility and productivity.


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