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Upgrade Your Business to 1st Class with Integrated Quality Management Functionality
-The Quality Management module helps you increase product quality by lowering waste, reducing scrap and significantly reducing recall exposure

The Proficy Plant Applications Quality Management module ensures consistent quality in your products, giving you the real-time trends, statistics, and notifications to control quality levels while keeping up with the speed of your business. The application integrates process, inspection and test data from both manual and automated sources and houses this information in one, integrated place. It also attaches operator comments, specifications, recipes and procedure documents to this information to ensure that you’ve established a single, definitive version of the truth.

The Quality Management module constantly compares all system inputs against defined targets and SPC Rules to ensure compliance to specifications and to alarm on out-of-spec conditions. This real-time monitoring of your quality allows you to make decisions quickly and minimize losses without drowning in volumes of data. Combine that with our automated reporting and analysis tools across the integrated modules in the Proficy Plant Applications family, and you have unmatched power to explore process relationships, identify root causes of problems and tighten control over your quality.

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