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Unlock the power of your Industrial Big Data

Have I ever seen this start-up sequence in the past 10 years…over my entire fleet of assets? If so, what happened? How do I optimize the performance of my fleet of 50 similar assets by comparing their performances over the past 12 months…or 5 years?

These are the kinds of questions you now can answer with Proficy Historian HD, our industrial Big Data historian solution. The first time-series data historian built on Hadoop, it goes beyond the abilities of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process much more data—at extremely high speeds.

With Proficy Historian HD, you can compare years of historical data to real-time data across the enterprise. Thus, you can better understand how equipment and processes are running vs. how they should be running. And this leads to optimized performance.

How big IS big?

The figures in the diagram—from just one of many machines that produce a personal care product—underscore the sheer volume of data created by today’s industrial companies.

With commonly used software tools, most companies can analyze only a few hours or days of this data. But with Proficy Historian HD, they can track years of data and compare data across similar machines, detecting patterns and trends never before seen.


  • Uncover intelligence that would otherwise be locked away in the data
  • Leverage advanced predictive-analytic and process-optimization tools
  • Help optimize asset health and maximize product quality and yield
  • Lower costs, using the cloud


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