Proficy Historian Analysis

Easy Web analysis of your Proficy Historian data helps you close the gap on process inefficiencies.

Historian Analysis

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Maximize the value of your historical data

  • Better accessibility to data, with easy-to-find tags for analysis
  • Faster responsiveness, with quick discovery of causes for process inefficiencies and upsets
  • Smarter decisions, with data available from anywhere with Web access
  • Increased collaboration of information among users and shifts

As companies are forced to do more with less, the imperative to make process improvements is more critical than ever.

Web-based accessibility

Disparate client interfaces, informational models, and multiple roles and responsibilities often create silos of information that limit visibility and make collaborating and driving process improvements difficult. GE’s Proficy Historian Analysis (PHA) is an easy-to-use Web-based tool that breaks through these silos, allowing you to get immediate value from your Proficy Historian process data. By viewing the data within trends and within context of your plant data model, you can determine root cause and take action.

Powerful analytic capabilities

Designed to turn your historical data into information you can act on to improve your processes, PHA helps you visualize and troubleshoot your processes through powerful analytics. Thus, you can close the gap on process inefficiencies.