Proficy Historian

Gain meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your operations with powerful enterprise data management.

Powerful enterprise-wide data historian software

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Better data, better decisions

With Proficy Historian data management software, you get the granularity of data you need to analyze and solve complex process problems. It’s a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives, and distributes tremendous volumes of production information at extremely high speeds. 

For you, this means you have the data you need to drive better decisions.

Contextualized to deliver insight

Built specifically for process data acquisition and presentation, Proficy Historian delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your operations. You can aggregate islands of information for true process visibility and feed higher-level operations management systems with accurate, real-time information.  
Its unique capabilities and benefits help you leverage the power of your data: 
• The industry’s highest performing, fastest innovating, time-series data historian
• Ease of use—won’t take you weeks to set up and figure out
• Portfolio of advanced applications that lets you get far more from your data
• GE’s global brand reliability and significant investment in the Industrial Internet
• Proven lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) than alternative

Data Collection and Visualization

Make better business decisions with Proficy Historian

What’s New

Version 5.5

Powerful, easy-to-use web visualization
With Proficy Historian Analysis, users have near-instant ability to see and respond to problems or perform in-depth analyses on Historian information.  With model-enabled drill down, integrated reporting, and rich collaboration tools, this greatly expands the range of applications, types of users, and value that can be gained from Proficy Historian. 

Big Data “Hadoop-Ready” 
In an industry-leading breakthrough, Proficy Historian natively pre-conditions its data to be consumed by the new Proficy Historian HD time-series Big Data historian.  This game-changing advance brings the power of Big Data to the Industrial world, allowing customers to run queries on extremely large datasets and answer questions that were simply impossible with yesterday’s process historian technologies. 

User-Defined Data Types
Proficy Historian now gives you the ability to create user-defined data types which include multiple fields of selected data types. This allows users to define structured data sets from a variety of types (e.g. string, integer, blob) that will be stored, retrieved, and processed together.

Dynamically Sized Arrays
Proficy Historian now allows you to store a dynamically adaptive set of values with a single timestamp and quality and then read these elements back individually or as an array.  Benefits include reduced storage requirements, faster read times, and improved analysis (time-aligned queries). This greatly expands the types of applications that can benefit from Proficy Historian.

Enhanced Data Query Filtering
With Filter Expressions, you now can enter complex filter conditions that instruct Proficy Historian to locate time periods where the expression was true and return the tag values from this range.  In conjunction with Filter Expressions, a new sampling mode has been introduced which returns the time periods where the set of conditions were met.  These capabilities allow more effective, targeted queries for data based on conditions, leveraging the computing power of Proficy Historian to reduce client loads and traffic of data across critical networks. 

New comparison modes
Proficy Historian now allows you to do a bitwise comparison for a tag, comparing the binary values of the given filter tag with the bits specified in the condition. This provides more flexibility and effectiveness in how data is stored and retrieved and enables further optimization of storage and network assets. 

Updated Software Support
Proficy Historian now supports running on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and SQL Server 2012 for Alarm & Events. 

New Calculation Modes and Query Modifiers
Existing calculation modes and query modifiers have been expanded to include a number of options that can alter the behavior of Sampling and Calculation Modes to meet increasing analytical requirements.