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Anticipate, collaborate and orchestrate responses to dynamic operational conditions with greater agility in high-value engineer-to-order and build-to-order manufacturing.

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ge Reduce WIP and manufacturing costs without compromising quality

Reduce WIP and manufacturing costs without compromising quality

Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing—powered by the Industrial Internet—delivers the critical production insight you need to cut costs, tighten quality control, and speed production. It enables broad, secure access to cross-enterprise information, timely and relevant insights for all roles across the enterprise, and collaboration and communication.

In fact, it’s what we use in our own manufacturing businesses at GE. And we’re refining it continuously to sharpen your competitive edge.

Digitizing Complex Discrete Manufacturing Processes to Accelerate Your Competitiveness

Are you ready to take the MES digitization journey? As your business operates in an increasingly global and competitive business environment, digitized processes are enabling companies to achieve lower costs, higher quality, and faster production.

Learn how GE Aviation is using Proficy for Discrete Manufacturing software

Digitize your production processes, driving productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing operations with GE Proficy.

GE Proficy--PTC Windchill Solution Demonstration

See the benefits of connecting your PLM and MES processes in this demonstration of GE Proficy and PTC Windchill. Connected manufacturing drives faster design to delivery.

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Learn how we can help you connect your MES and PLM systems for greater productivity and faster time to market.

ge factory

Produce products faster

  • Enable single piece flow manufacturing

  • Improve throughput

  • Reduce lead times

  • Balance workloads
saved $250k with increased inventory turns

Reduce WIP

  • Enable JIT material delivery

  • Free up floor space

  • Reduce cost of inventory

  • Realize true eKanban
ge quality check

Gain tighter control on quality

  • Standardize proven processes

  • Eliminate process waste

  • Reduce rework

  • Meet regulations

Streamline your supply chain

  • Eliminate supplier bottlenecks

  • Integrate execution and quality

Connect your MES and PLM processes

Optimize your Manufacturing Performance


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