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Scalable, trusted communications

Trusted data sources are critical to drive the right information to the right person, anywhere, anytime, secure by design. Proficy Agent provides a scalable, trusted connection solution that utilizes industry-leading, digital, certificate-based technology for the Industrial Internet.

With Proficy Agent, you can bridge your controls and business network, or connect to hundreds of remote agents in the field, directly connected to the Internet. With remote execution of advanced analytics and secure-by-design transmission of files and information, Agent centralizes all data within an intranet or over the Internet, for real-time encryption and decryption.

Reduce network complexity

Easy to support and manage, Proficy Agent allows you to transmit data from any source reliably, in a highly configurable manner -- without the need of a costly VPN for every source. You can transmit data and / or files from trusted remote agents to the server on an exception or time basis -- or set up as a real-time stream.


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