Plant Applications Production Management

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Upgrade Your Business to 1st Class with Integrated Production Management Functionality
-The Production Management module helps you oversee production operations, control product flow, develop genealogy reports and make schedule changes to reduce excess inventory

The Proficy Plant Applications Production Management module provides powerful tools to manage product flow, inventories, schedule execution and product genealogies. When utilized with the other integrated modules in the suite, the system can track material yields, energy usage and other production-related costs throughout production and accumulate for each individual product. This gives you true accountability and accurate costing straight off of your plant floor.

The module’s Genealogy capabilities are some of the most advanced, powerful tools on the market today. They combine your process data, which define the conditions and events that occurred during production, AND your product data, which track the materials, lot numbers, serial numbers, and so on, for each product you produce. Then, they tie the two sets of data together for analysis and traceability. You can correlate any of the products or process genealogy data to other information in the system and leverage our standard reporting and analysis tools for unmatched visibility into performance.

Product genealogies can be complex and difficult to track manually or even electronically with disconnected data sources. The Production Management module integrates all your data and traces the complex genealogies of batches, continuous processes, sub-assemblies, components or by-products, so you know the origin and destination of all incoming materials and outgoing finished goods – also giving you the back-end tools to accurately identify affected shipments and limit your exposure to recalls and warranty claims.

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