PACSystems* RX7i Controller

Embedded VME architecture for applications requiring in-rack third-party module integration

PACSystems RX7i Controller

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Built on a standard embedded open architecture, the PACSystems* RX7i features a single control engine and universal programming environment for application portability across multiple hardware platforms. The RX7i is ideally suited for integrated solutions that require large memory, distributed I/O, and high performance.

High Performance for the Most Advanced Applications

A range of powerful Pentium® CPUs are available, while the VME64 backplane provides ample bandwidth. Ethernet connectivity is built-in, eliminating the need for additional switches or hubs. Up to 64MB memory enables fast execution and plenty of storage. Object Oriented programming through IEC languages, including C, makes the RX7i ideal for executing standards-based applications.

Efficient Design and Operation Maximizes Productivity

The PACSystems RX7i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms. Embed Proficy Historian or other tools typically requiring a separate computer to maximize productivity and simplify your operations.


CPU Type
Intel processors
Special Functions
PACSystems High Availability – a scalable, synchronized, hot-standby redundancy control platform VME 3rd party modules (SBCs, etc.)
Development Environment
Development, commissioning, and maintenance is performed using Proficy Machine Edition - providing a single environment for discrete and process applications.
Distributed I/O Network
EGD, Modbus TCP, Genius
Rack based VME64
Up to 64MB RAM and 64MB Internal Flash Data Storage
VME 3rd party motion control


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