PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE100

Compact, high performance controller


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Small Footprint. Big Impact. 

Leverage the power and flexibility of PACSystems in smaller applications. RSTi-EP CPUs make it possible to incorporate the entire PACSystems programming suite in stand-alone applications or as auxiliary control in larger process applications that use RX3i. This simplifies training for operators and maintenance workers and streamlines application development and integration. 

Why GE Customers Choose the CPE100

  • Reduced risk. Built-in security protocols and a broad suite of cyber-security technology and tools help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates, and protect against man-in-the-middle and denial of service attacks.
  • Reduced Size. CPE100 offers advanced functionality in compact form factor to simplify machine design and reduce engineering costs.  CPE100 pairs perfectly with GE's Field Agent for software upgrades, patches, and antivirus updates from a central location with minimal system disruption.
  • Reduced Cost. CPE100 is the latest in a family of scalable performance solutions that support a wide range of industrial applications.

CPE100 supports real-time application status, remote diagnostics and:

  • Dual LAN interfaces with four Ethernet ports
  • Built-in RS-232 serial port
  • Support for a range of communications protocols, including PROFINET
  • Up to 1 MB of non-volatile user memory All in just 1.5” (38.1mm) of DIN rail space.



The demand for improved asset performance and productivity is increasing in manufacturing and infrastructure markets. They require even smaller applications with robust execution performance and a range of connectivity options to real-time application status information and diagnostics.

Speak the same language.

With CPE100, you can use the same runtime as existing RX3i controllers and leverage existing application libraries and templates while scaling footprint and performance for smaller application installations.

Advanced Security

Without proper cybersecurity in place, industrial controls are vulnerable to cyber threats. GE enlists defense-in-depth architecture to help secure assets from these threats. RSTi CPE100 is secure by design, incorporating technologies such as Trusted Platform Modules and secure, trusted, and measured boot. Centralized configuration allows encrypted firmware updates to be executed from a secure central location. A suite of cybersecurity technology and tools help prevent unauthorized updates while built-in security protocols help protect against man-in-the middle and denial of service attacks.



PROFINET Advantage

GE’s PROFINET I/O solutions provide productivity and performance advantages for virtually any type of control application in a wide range of industries. PROFINET supports a variety of I/O without compromising system performance and can operate in high-noise environments.