PAC8000 Controllers

Rugged and reliable controllers for process applications

PAC8000 Controllers

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PAC8000 controllers are specifically designed to handle the extreme temperatures, vibration, and corrosive materials found in process applications. They include a process controller featuring DCS-style function block programming, a logic controller with 61131-style PLC programming, and a hybrid controller that provides the capabilities of both.


Controller and Network Redundancy Improves Reliability

Application availability is improved with controller redundancy, implemented by mounting a second controller on the carrier. No configuration is required; the new controller automatically becomes the standby when a button on the controller carrier is pressed. Rendezvous redundancy is employed to guarantee bump-less transfer of control from the master to the standby.


Network redundancy helps assure uninterrupted communications. PAC8000 controllers each have two fault-tolerant Ethernet ports to provide redundant communication LANs. If a fault occurs in one LAN pathway, communication is automatically re-routed.


Efficiently Share Information Between Controllers

PAC8000 controllers communicate directly with each other and share data on a peer-to-peer basis without having to route data through a centralized database or server.


HART Pass Through Reduces Commissioning Time

PAC8000 Controllers can pass HART data from smart field devices to asset management software applications, allowing remote configuration and access to field instrument diagnostic information. PAC8000 controllers can also acquire HART data for use in the process control application.





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